Please read this Return Policy carefully. By reading this policy, You agree to be bound by the terms set hereunder.

We at Bella Manufacturing, LLC have put in effort to ensure that we provide you the best products and services. We value transparency and our prices do not come with hidden charges and fees or extra charges. However, we recognize that you may experience some issues with any of our products or services and we accept that there are circumstances under which a refund shall be awarded.

You should note that;

WITHIN 30 DAYS-You should notify the Company about the complaint and/or claim a refund within 30 days of receiving your delivery/package. The Company shall not be held responsible to refund you if you make a complaint after the 30 days period.

REFUND PROCESS-upon receiving your returned product, we shall take 72 hours to inspect it to ensure they are in good condition. We shall then process your request and refund within 7 days.

ORIGINAL PACKAGING-We at Bella Manufacturing LLC have a system in place that our products are well packaged for shipping purposes. You are required to return the product in its original packaging in order to receive a refund. This applies to assembly services which must also be returned in their original packaging.

CONDITION OF THE PRODUCT-the product must returned in a new, unused, unaltered or tempered with condition. The package must be without stains, scratches, damages, drilling or any modifications. Any package that has been tempered with shall not be accepted and you shall not receive any refunds.

DELIVERY/PICKUP CHARGES-the Company shall deduct the original delivery and pickup charges from the refund

SHIPPING FEES-You are responsible for shipping fees, check our Shipping Policy. Shipping fees are non-refundable.

CUSTOM ORDERS- Custom orders and extra service expenses such as in-room delivery, fees for assembly services and delivery and pick-ups beyond our standard shipping zone, are non-refundable.

FINAL SALE ITEMS– any items and/or products marked as Final Sale are non-refundable.


This Return Policy will be governed by and construed in accordance with the State of ___________, United States.


Bella Manufacturing, LLC may revise this Policy from time-to-time. Revised Policy will apply to the use of this Website from the date of the publication of the revised policy on this Website.


This Return Policy, together with other legal documents by the Company constitute the entire agreement between you and Bella Manufacturing LLC in relation with your use of this website.

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