Response to Standards for Special Use

Response to Standards for Special Use

Question One

We understand the harmful effects of lead poisoning on both adults and children. In that regard, we have taken steps to ensure there is no lead poisoning by using construction materials whose ingredients do not include lead. Also, we have tested the soil around our property to ensure it does not contain lead. 

Our housing standards are top-notch. There are no water leaks in any of the rooms. There is proper ventilation in every room and the carpets in every room are cleaned regularly by our staff. We have taken steps to ensure there are no pests and rodents such as flies, bed bugs, ants, wasps, rats, termites, mice, cockroaches, mosquitoes and spiders. Also, there are no molds in any of the rooms. This helps to prevent diseases that are associated with pests, rodents and molds.

There are curtains in every room to increase warmth. We have a heating system that is adjusted accordingly to give our guests the appropriate temperature in their rooms. Our roofing system contains insulation to reduce the amount of heat lost through the roof. We have radiator panels to ensure that the rooms, not the walls, remain heated if necessary.

There will be no crowding in our rooms. We have set a number of people and pets allowed to reside in each room. This is to reduce the risk of contracting diseases associated with overcrowding such as tuberculosis and other respiratory infections. It also helps to reduce psychological distress among both adults and children.

In addition, we have acted in accordance with all health and safety regulations set up by the city. We are ready for any form of inspection to verify that we have complied with the regulations. In light of the current Covid-19 pandemic, we have put in place measures to reduce the spread of the virus by way of restricting the number of persons allowed in every room at one time, placing strategic screening points, mandatory mask requirement in crowded areas and washing of hands at all entry and exit points.

Question Two

We advise our guests not to trespass onto other people’s property so as to avoid deterring their enjoyment of their property. We have enough facilities on our property such that our guests have no reason to go to any of our neighbors’ properties. Trespassing and deterring the enjoyment of our neighbors’ properties is against our rules and guidelines, and our guests will be made aware of this.

We also advise our guests not to be noisy in such a way that it becomes a nuisance to our neighbors. We have contracted the services of Noise Aware, a company that deals in the provision of noise regulation services. Our rooms have indoors sensors to measure the sound coming from the rooms. If the noise is excessive, our management will receive alerts via the Noise Aware app. We will then be able to resolve the situation with the guest causing the unnecessary noise, thereby ensuring that our neighbors are not affected by noise coming from our property.

Question Three

Our establishment will not impede the normal and orderly development and improvement of surrounding property in any way. During construction of our establishment, we took into account the development and improvement of surrounding property. Construction was done only within our property. Future development and improvement of our establishment will be done only within our property, in no way impeding the normal and orderly development and improvement of surrounding. We shall not object to any normal and orderly development and improvement of surrounding property.

We believe that our establishment will encourage development and improvement of surrounding property for developers who wish to erect commercial establishments such as malls, since our guests will be their customers.

Question Four

Our establishment has a power backup system to ensure that there is power throughout, even in case of a power outage. There is running water in all rooms. We have taken steps to ensure that water is clean and suitable for human consumption. We also have a proper waste disposal system in compliance with the city’s regulations on waste disposal. We have recreational facilities in our establishment that include a play area for children. There is proper ventilation in all rooms to allow the flow of fresh air into the rooms. Security is guaranteed within our establishment. We have contracted Vivint Security Systems to provide security within our establishment. The company has provided us with security sensors, security alarms, doorbell cameras, indoor cameras, outdoor cameras, smart drives, smart home systems, smart control systems, smart locks, garage door control, smart thermostat, smart lighting, as well as monitoring. Our property is managed by Plus Vacation Rental.

Question Five

We have enough parking for all our guests as well as priority entrance and exit areas for emergency vehicles such as ambulances and fire engines. It is also against our rules and regulations to block entrance and exit areas for emergency vehicles. We encourage our guests to use the provided parking areas and not park their vehicles on the street in compliance with city regulations. 

Question Six

Our establishment was constructed in compliance with all district regulations. The rules and regulations of our establishment are made in accordance with district regulations. We shall continue to follow those regulations and follow up on changes made to the regulations. We will continue to update the rules and regulations of our establishment accordingly.

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