Response 1.

The points that made the most sense to me are:

  1. The execution of the Plea Bargaining is vital;
  2. Time and resources are saved;
  3. The motive behind the Plea Bargain should be pure;
  4. Specific cases should not have an option of a plea bargain;
  5. Checks and balances in Plea Bargaining are vital;

The position was supported convincingly using appropriate resources.

Response 2.

The points that made the most sense to me are:

  1. Accused persons are surrendering some of their rights, e.g., fair trial and appeal
  2. Accused persons are coerced to make plea bargains for lesser sentences or dropped charges;
  3. Too much power has shifted from the judges to the prosecutors
  4. Public defenders opt for Plea Bargaining since its faster notwithstanding their client’s interests.

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