On the ____ day of July, 2022, David R. Colan of [Insert Your Address], the sole Shareholder of
[Insert Full Legal Name of Your Practice], resolved as follows:

1. That a Trust be opened and the Bank Account no. [Insert Account Number] with
[Insert Name of Bank] be booked in the name of the Trust of [Insert Name of Trust], and that
David R. Colan is the only person authorized to sign ALL necessary forms and documents

2. That [Insert Name of Bank] be instructed to honor all cheques, promissory notes,
and other instruments drawn by and all bills accepted on behalf of the Trust, whether such
account be in credit or overdrawn, and to accept and credit to the account of the Trust all monies
deposited with or owing by [Insert Name of Bank] on any account or accounts at any time or
times, kept or to be kept in the name of the Trust and the amount of all cheques, notes, bills,
other negotiable instruments, orders or receipt provided they are endorsed/signed/issued by
David R. Colan on behalf of the Trust and his signature shall be sufficient authority to bind the
Trust in all transactions between [Insert Name of Bank] and the Trust.
3. That aforementioned David R. Colan is authorized to operate the Bank Account,
and [Insert Name of Bank] is instructed to allow operation in the Bank Account, to renew,
withdraw including premature withdrawal or otherwise provide instructions related to fixed
4. That the Trust do accept the terms and conditions for the Bank Account as may be
contained in the application form or any other terms and conditions as may be notified by [Insert
Name of Bank] from time to time in connection with the provision of products and services
offered by [Insert Name of Bank].
5. That the Trust is authorized to convey to [Insert Name of Bank] that any
transactions done through the electronic banking facility are binding on the Trust
notwithstanding any error or default in the operation of the Bank Account on the part of David R.

Colan, unauthorized use thereof, negligence, fraud, failure to keep login IDs and/or passwords
confidential, and the Trust agrees to hold [Insert Name of Bank] harmless for every transaction
executed using the Bank Account and shall not hold [Insert Name of Bank] liable for any such
error, default, unauthorized use, negligence, or fraudulent transactions.
6. That the Secretary of the Trust be and is hereby authorized to furnish a copy of
this Resolution certified as true to [Insert Name of Bank], and that a copy of any resolution is
purporting to be certified as correct by David R. Colan or the Secretary of the Trust shall, as
between [Insert Name of Bank] and the Trust, be conclusive evidence of the passing of the
resolution so certified.
7. That this resolution be communicated to [Insert Name of Bank] and shall remain
in full force and effect until notice in writing of its withdrawal, or cancellation is given to [Insert
Name of Bank] by the Trust and accepted by [Insert Name of Bank].


I certify that the above is a correct copy of the resolution passed on the ____ date of July, 2022
by David R. Colan and that it has been entered in the usual course of business in the minutes’
book of the Trust and signed therein by any of the Trustees and is in accordance with the Trust
Deed and Bylaws.

David R. Colan
[Insert Your Address]
[Insert Your State and ZIP Code]
[insert Your Phone Number]
[Insert Your Email]

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