Below are the terms and conditions for the agreement between WRX Services LLC
(WRX POOLS) and Reunion West for monthly pool management in the community.
1. Location.
Jobsite: Reunion West- Encore
Jobsite Address: 7635 Fairfax Ave., Kissimmee, FL 34747
Attention: Reunion West POA Board
2. Scope of work.
Residential pools are unevenly distributed community-wide. Reunion West POA allows
homeowners to OPT-IN or OPT-OUT of pool cleaning services hired by the POA on a
semi-annual basis. Therefore, the total number of pools to be serviced may change
twice during the year (March 1st and September 1st).
The Pool Vendor agrees to increase its servicing capacity if the number of pools
increases or to maintain its prices if the number of pools decreases due to homeowners’
OPT-IN or OPT-OUT selections.
3. Services.
i. Each pool will receive a full-service visit 1 time per week.
Full-service visits will include the following:
a. Power Vacuum (Hammer-Head or similar) the pool and brush pool walls, clean
and degrease tiles, skim debris from the pool surface, and empty skimmer
baskets. This will be documented via a Skimmer app photo on the weekly report
for the homeowner.
b. Colorimetric testing using DPD and pH reagent. This will be documented via a
Skimmer app photo on the weekly report for the homeowner.
c. Clean cartridge filters every 14 days – This will be documented via Skimmer app
photo on the e-mail report for the homeowner.
d. Weekly empty debris from the skimmer.
e. Inspect and clean pump strainers every 14 days. A damaged pump strainer
contributes to minimizing the cartridge filter lifespan.
f. Inspect pool equipment and report any issues found via the Skimmer app.
g. Adjust and maintain the pool’s proper water level.
h. photo on the weekly report for the homeowner
i. Balance and maintain water chemistry with appropriate chemicals within the
targeted chemistry parameters.
j. Logging chemicals used onto Skimmer
k. Report any abnormality on equipment, structure, or operation that applies via the
Skimmer app
ii. Each pool will also receive a second visit, 1 time per week, for chemistry testing
and balancing. If a cleaning service is necessary upon the second visit, the
homeowner will be reported in the Skimmer app e-mail.
4. Additional visits.
During either visit or upon notification from Reunion West or its representative parties if
it is determined that the pool is unusable due to reasons such as water chemistry, water
clarity, or algae outbreaks, WRX Pools agrees to perform whatever additional visits or
treatments required at no additional cost to restore the pool to a usable condition
5. Costs.
Monthly Management Price: $150 (per pool)
Additional Cleaning Price: $30 (per pool)
Requests made after 2:30 pm will be done the following day.
Emergency Cleaning (fecal release, dead animal body): $50 (per pool)
6. Extra Costs.

WRX POOLS expects to receive the pools by the last vendor in adequate condition, any
pool that requires more than regular maintenance adjustment could be charged extra.
There shall be an extra cost once the chemicals mentioned in this agreement/involved
increase to a certain percentage.
7. Responsibilities.
i. The Pool Vendor must fill pools using auto shut-off devices (e.g.: auto-fill hoses,
water levelers, timers, etc.) to prevent the pool from overflowing.
ii. The Pool Vendor agrees to assume all financial responsibility if a pool is
overfilled and/or water
iii. is overused beyond the required amount to reach the proper water level.
iv. The Pool Vendor agrees to assume all financial responsibility if a pool is
undefiled and suffers
v. damages due to low water levels.
vi. If chemicals require "No Swimming" for some time, WRX Pools agrees to leave a
door hanger on the back door informing them when their normal pool use can
vii. Report any abnormality on equipment, structure, or operation that applies via the
Skimmer app.
viii. WRX Pools agrees to submit a quote via Skimmer or e-mail to the homeowner if
it is found that the equipment or pool structure requires any repairs which they are
capable of fixing.
ix. WRX POOLS must refrain from moving valves and leaving them in the wrong
position if the valves need adjustment; the vendor assumes responsibility for
correctly placing them back in the original position.
x. All WRX Pools technicians shall be trained on the Skimmer app.
xi. WRX Pools will assume responsibility for managing their routes via the Skimmer
xii. Each technician will upload pictures onto the Skimmer app, including a picture of
the pool colorimetric test result and one picture of the pool. Homeowners will also
receive a second e-mail with one picture of the filter every time it has been cleaned.
xiii. To Balance and maintain water chemistry with appropriate chemicals within the
targeted chemistry parameters:
 FAC 2-5 PPM
 pH-7.2-7.8
 Total Alkalinity 80-120 PP M
 Calcium Hardness 200-400 PPM
 Cyanuric Acid <50 PPM
 Phosphates <100 PPB
 Saturation Index between -0.3 to 0.3
The Chemicals to be used may consist of Sodium Hypochlorite, Trichlor, Muriatic Acid,
Cyanuric Acid, Sodium Bicarbonate, Calcium Chloride, Concentrated Degreaser,
Cartridge Cleaner, phosphate remover, clarifier.
8. Supervision.
WRX Pools agrees to email for any issues which
have been reported on the Skimmer App system but aren’t being addressed promptly.
9. Effective date.
This contract will begin on 16 January 2023 and shall be valid for 12 months. All
vendors will be notified by November 2023 of the board’s decision for the potential
10. Damage.
Pool Filters Replacement Request will be shown in the report e-mail. Due to the high
bath load/heated pools, cartridge filters will need to be replaced 2x yearly, avoiding bad

circulation and affecting the water quality and chemical cost. If a bad/old cartridge is not
replaced promptly, the extra cost could be charged.
A damaged/Broken Pump Basket (strainer) will be reported to the homeowner by email.
Heated Pools Water Temperature – to maintain the pool balance pools can be heated
up to 88 Fahrenheit and spa up to 94 Fahrenheit. Any temperature above this will
contribute to the chemical unbalancing, green pool, and extra service and chemical
11. Termination.
This agreement shall not be terminated unless there are reasonable reasons which
shall be stated in writing and a 30-day notice should be given if it is decided to terminate
the contract.
12. Reports and communication.
Pool without at least 8h filtration daily due to wrong timer schedule, no power or broken
equipment will be notified, and extra technical charge could be applied.
Pools that are recurrent with a low water level, more than the average natural water
evaporation for the water temperature and weather, will be reported by e-mail to a
homeowner with the recommendation for a leak detection service if the issue is not
attended promptly, the extra chemical fee could be extra-charged.
WRX Pools can report when the technician finds an issue with the fence/gate/lock
during regular maintenance but won’t be responsible or have any liability for this
13. Liability.
Pool Plaster Stains, WRX POOLS won’t be responsible for plaster stains, and cracks
from pools that weren’t with new plaster installed when or after the contract starts.
Rainy Days – WRX POOLS will do its best to perform the service on rainy days. Due to
Liability, our techs working with long poles in their hands won’t allow us to perform full
service on that specific day.
Hurricanes/Natural Disaster – WRX POOLS will do its best to provide service
before/after a natural disaster; extra cleanups fee and extra chemicals could be needed
and will be extra charged.
IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties have hereunto set their hand, and caused this
instrument to be executed; –
By WRX Services LLC; –

By Reunion West- Encore; –

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