Research Outline

1. Introduction
a. Meaning of Search and Seizure Generally
b. Motor Vehicle Searches
c. Provisions of the Fourth Amendment on:
i) Warrant Searches
ii) Warrantless Searches
2. Conflict between an Individual’s Privacy and Law Enforcement
i) The Right to Privacy including Warrantless Searches by Police Officers.
ii) Protection of Individuals’ Right to Privacy from Arbitrary Interference by Police

3. The Exclusionary Rule regarding Seizure of Evidence
4. Requirement for Warrantless Searches in the Context of Automobiles
i) The Federal Automobile Seach Requirement
5. The Exception on Warrantless Searches of Automobiles
i) Application of exception to automobile searches
a. Consent
b. Terry stop doctrine for automobiles
c. Plain view
d. Search Incident to Lawful Arrest
ii) Extent of searches conducted on automobile exceptions
a. Containers and Personal Luggage
b. Trunk, Glove Compartment

c. Motor Home/ Movable Home
d. Parked Vehicle
e. Odor of Marijuana
f. Use of Drug
g. Stop and Frisk

6. Expectations of Various States on the Automobile Exception
i) Pennsylvania Commonwealth Expectations for Automobile Exception

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