Timothy Kittle Sr.

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Dear Sir,


I have retained your services to represent me in my ongoing cases. I would like to iron out some material facts for clarity and highlight the injustices that have been perpetrated against me by the courts.

The judge of the  Supreme Court, Civil Branch, Suffolk County, ordered my spouse to take a drug test after I was arrested for no apparent reason. She did not take the drug test the first time. The second time, they came and threatened to take away our children. They stared at my spouse as she peed. She tested negative for any substances. She has never been on drugs, been arrested or convicted for any drug-related charges.

The judge asked the county attorney to serve me with discovery documents. The county attorney only served me with a CPS file that had my spouse’s name on top but contained nothing. Simply put, I had no discovery going into trial.

On the final day, the county attorney asked me if I wanted an attorney going into the deposition. I agreed but then fired that attorney. I said that no one should communicate with my children without my approval. The county attorney later called me and said that my children have to talk to the legal guardian and I declined. The county attorney tried to use a Nassau arrest and another charge in 2019 against me but both charges were dismissed. The only evidence that the county attorney has against me is a police officer’s testimony.

In the meantime, my children continue to suffer neglect because of the acts and/or omissions of CPS. I also continue to suffer mental anguish as I have not seen my children since March 13, 2020. I am convinced that you will help me access justice for myself as well as my children. I respectfully request you to work hard to achieve that. Please keep me updated on the progress of the case.

Thank you for taking time to read this letter. Please contact me using the information provided above if you need me to clarify anything or give additional information.

Yours Sincerely,


Timothy Kittle Sr.

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