We, as Brazil, recommend the amendment to the following articles; –

  1. Article 3
  2. Article 7; and 
  3. Article 27

The amendments are as follows; –

  • ARTICLE 3 

There is vast biodiversity of animal species in Brazil, it is next to impossible to take any steps deemed necessary to identify species susceptible to being reservoirs or hosts of viruses and other pathogens that may spill over to humankind. Furthermore, to suggest regulating interaction amongst those species and other animals is not possible as it makes the part of the Brazilian culture interacting with them and a source of livelihood for most citizens.

  • ARTICLE 7 

Places like the Amazon River and the expansive tropical region host Wildlife and residential. The scientific management practices to ensure that such habitats are appropriately isolated from residential and commercial facilities where other animals are present will not be possible as the wildlife and the residents live together and co-exist. Though other countries might not understand this, this is our way of life, and changing this will significantly impact social-economic dynamics.

  • ARTICLE 27 

There is a mere suggestion and encouragement for Contracting Parties to restrict the trade of any animal or animal parts, products, or derivatives with other Contracting Parties or any State that treats or interacts with animals in a manner inconsistent with any of the provisions of this Convention.

Punitive measures should be implemented in the countries found to engage in the illegal trade of animals, parts, or products.

We should not be afraid to enforce the law on violators.

If the amendments mentioned above are not done, the same will negatively affect our region’s culture and economics.  

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