Request deposition: Defendant is a Statefarm insured, PI lawsuit: case # 19-STCV42312 PROPER. Are you familiar with California Superior Court Local rules? ASAP order: I get plenty of Local work from Los Angeles Please provide your turnaround time and price. A Pakistani provider wasted 5 weeks here, never again. HELP ME GET UNJADED.

Hope you are well Anna. Hello. I don’t know what documents best suite your needs. I am guessing the attached are helpful.

Statefarm lawyers are evasive in providing a letter of any information. Yet, several hundred of pages of response and 8hrs of deposition they have from me.

My discovery has nothing in it. Please feel free to make suggestions. I need to get this deposition from defendent asap. I can not have a run around

Tell me what more you might need. I have accumulated a lot, since Dec. 8, 2017.