August 24, 2022
CDR Fundraising Group
4200 Parliament Place, 3 rd Floor
Lanham, MD 20706
Attention: Lisa M. Behuncik – Human Resource Director
Dear Madam,
Pursuant to the Letter of offer signed on August 20, 2021, I was employed as a full-
time employee expected to work from my home office in North Carolina, which I have
been doing.
There has been no issue or problem with my performance or output since I started
working for the company.
I recently traveled to the Philippines and informed the IT department. The Remote
Work Policy does not express that while I will be doing the work remotely, I need to
be stationed in North Carolina or a specific area, or keep an update on where I am. I
am, therefore, not aware of the need to inform the Company of my whereabouts as
long as the work is being performed and delivered without any complaints.
In light of the recent events and my travel, I hereby request to work remotely from
the Philippines under any further agreeable security measures that may be required
to be implemented by the company. I will further be available when called to attend
the office physically.
I patiently await your response and look forward to continuing working for you
diligently and delivering the best from the assignments I receive.
Tawan Perry

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