DATE: _____________________

TO: ___________________________________

Dear Sirs,


I write on the above reference. 

The nature of my work largely depends on technology such as the internet and telecommunication. It is also all-encompassing; I am generally in charge of my tasks from start to finish. Moreover, duties associated with my work that involved interaction with third parties have been significantly channeled to technological mediums, especially due to the COVID pandemic.  

My duties include being the senior sustainability advisor (Region 4) with activities such as leading discussions on sustainability, making recommendations to the Office of Community Revitalization out of Washington DC, serving as the lead contact for OCR projects, managing SMM projects based out of Montana and North Carolina, leading sustainability newsletter efforts through email distribution and the sustainability roundtable through Microsoft Teams.

For the last two years, I have also continued to convene Region 4’s federal partners’ group and bring together stakeholders across federal agencies working on sustainability challenges better than before the pandemic through improved technology. Part of my duties also includes managing a grant in Montana and serving as the region’s lead for the Federal Partnership for Sustainability, which I have accomplished, as evidenced by my performance and the expansion of me taking on more programs.

I have been able to collaborate within the division as well as outside of the agency to advance sustainability by fostering inclusion of LCRD into OCR’s programs, debriefing management on sustainability programs, overseeing sustainability work, enlisting staff where mutually appropriate, leading coordination of initiatives and collaborating with OCR to implement the technical assistance programs in a hybrid and virtual environment.

From the foregoing:

  • I can operate outside of my agency’s worksite since technology can be utilized in a Remote Work Location (RWL), rendering my work portable;
  • Work efficiency is not compromised based on the RWL since I am subject to the same tools, i.e., the technology used at the worksite; 
  • Due to my work’s high dependency on technology, rarely does a need for access to in-office resources and need for in-person interface with management officials or other colleagues arise; 
  • There will be no reassignment of my current work to other staff;
  • No foreseen disruption to communication with internal or external clients/customers (e.g., public, state and local entities, stakeholders) customer service with any agency customers or stakeholders (e.g., public, states, industry) will occur; 

My track record shows that I am diligent even when void of supervision; for instance, during the COVID-19 pandemic, there is no recorded complaint regarding my performance. Please note that should my request be granted, I undertake to adhere to any conditions imposed on me, including but not limited to reporting to the worksite when needed. Further, kindly note that I have the fully functional technology that will enable me to perform my duties efficiently in the RWL. 

I humbly believe that I am eligible for the remote work agreement and that granting me the agreement based on the above shall have been based on equitable, function-based criteria. I look forward to your response. 

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,



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