Remote Work Approval

May 16, 2023

[Your name]



[Name of the recipient]


Subject: Remote Work Approval

Dear Seller,

This letter serves as my formal request for approval of remote and/or portable work. This is in line with the new policy, whose requirements I have complied with as follows:

  1. All of my work is portable. I understand the need for the portability of my work because the agency is moving into a hybrid model. I also understand that there is a need to ensure utmost health and safety in the work environment.  
  2. Tasks or work assignments can be performed at least equally effectively at the remote work location (RWL). As a result of the RWL, I spend less time traveling to and from the work location.
  3. Approving the RWL would not require reassignment of current work or tasks to other staff. Since RWL greatly reduces commuting time, I have more time to complete current works and tasks on time.
  4. My work rarely requires access to in-office resources. RWL helps in reducing the need for corporate office space and office tools.
  5. There will be no foreseen disruption to communication with internal or external clients/customers (e.g. public, state and local entities, stakeholders) customer service with any agency customers or stakeholders (e.g., public, states, industry). RWL is more naturally adaptable because they there is need to be physically present to communicate with clients and/or customers. Besides, communication under RWL is faster and instant, thus saves a lot of valuable office time.
  6. My position does not require in-person interface with management officials or other colleagues on any routine basis. As discussed above, RWL provides virtual communication, which enables faster and cost-effective communication.
  7. I have a demonstrated track record of meeting performance plan objectives and working without close in-person supervision (including conduct of work during the COVID19 pandemic). RWL enables me to be self-driven and to work with minimum supervision to produce the best results.
  8. Technology needed to perform duties is available and fully functional. I have access to working, up-to-date technology to enable me work remotely.
  9. I continue to comply with the terms of my written and approved Remote Work Agreement. Driven by my zeal towards seeing the best results for the agency, I am in full compliance with my Remote Work Agreement.

In addition to the above, I need two RWLs. Please note that the cost will not change to the agency because my primary location will continue to be Atlanta.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to work and maintain a business relationship with you. I am looking forward for your prompt response.



[Your Name]

[Your address]

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