This Release for Personal Injury is made on this ______ day of ______________ XXX and reads as follows:

I ______________________, Contact Info: ______________, being the Client/Releasor hereby voluntarily and willingly release ___________________, Contact Info: ___________________ being the Company/gym/Releasee, and its affiliates, partners, employees and trainers, from any and all personal injuries, physical, emotional, or psychological, and/or post training sickness that may occur as a result of me contracting them for their training services or using their facilities for my personal workout.

I hold the Company blameless and I shall defend and indemnify the Company against all and any personal injuries sustained during the time I contract them for their services. The Company shall neither be obligated nor be pressured into paying any hospital bills for medications/treatment received thereafter, nor pay for any post treatment care.

This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of _______________ [State/Country]. Exclusive jurisdiction and venue shall be in __________ [State/Country].

I certify that I have read this document, and I fully understand its content. I am aware that this is a Release for Personal Injury agreement and a contract that I hereby sign at my own free will.

NAME ___________________________.                     DATE ________________________.

SIGNATURE ________________________.

COMPANY’S PRINT NAME: ________________________. DATE ____________________.

SIGNATURE __________________________.

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