Release and Waiver of Liability

I________________________ (hereinafter referred to as “CLIENT”) hereby
acknowledges that _______________________[YOUR COMPANY/NAMES] and any other
agents or employees (hereinafter referred to as “RELEASEES”) has educated it on
Cyber Security Service and HIPPA Compliance and Client opts out of applying and/or
following Releasees recommendations. Client hereby releases, waives, discharges and
covenants not to sue for any liability, claim and/or cause of action arising out of or
related to any security breach, loss of data, or irreparable damage (including but not
limited to monetary and reputation) that occurs as a result of the use of security
hardware and/or software products that are not recommended by Releasees.

The Client agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Releasees whether data loss is
caused by Client’s negligence, the negligence of the Releasees or the negligence of a
third party. Client further agrees that this Release and Waiver of Liability shall bind
the Client.
By signing this Release and Waiver of Liability, I ________________________ state
that I have read and understand the conditions set forth in this Release and that I
agree to all conditions set forth herein, and I sign this voluntarily.

Signed by Client:
Signature: ________________________
Names: ________________________
Date: ________________________

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