This Relationship Policy (“Policy”) describes how the Employees who are romantically involved must conduct themselves while at the Workplace.


Definition of accepted relationship.

This Policy applies to every Employee regardless of the Employee’s age, gender, sexual orientation, race, country of origin, health status, or other protected characteristics. This Policy covers consensual romantic relationship between Employees, including romantic dating and sexual relations. This Policy does NOT condone non-consensual relationships, sexual or otherwise.

*Before engaging in any romantic and/or sexual relationship with a colleague, Employees are advised to consider the impacts of such involvement including the conflict of interest that may arise and negatively affect their job performance.


This Policy covers Employees who have been dating, romantically involved or sexually involved for a period of more than two consecutive months. Employees shall not be obligated to inform the HR Department of any romantic or sexual relationship that is less than two months.

Accepted workplace behavior.

  • Treating your partner with respect and allowing them to carry out their official duties in time.
  • Keeping your romantic/sexual discussions and personal out of the workplace.
  • Employees are allowed to arrive and leave the workplace together, provided this does not hinder their productivity.
  • Passing by your partner’s work station during your break.

Prohibited workplace behavior.

Romantically and/or sexual involved employees are prohibited against the following behaviors while at the workplace;

  • Arguing in the workplace or anywhere that can be considered as the workplace.
  • Exhibiting act or favoritism with your partner.
  • Exhibiting acts of abuse of authority in the event of a personal conflict with the partner.
  • Public display of affection in front of colleagues or clients.
  • Constant communication with your partner through calls and texts/chats/notes while at the workplace during work hours.
  • Boasting about or discussing the relationship to/in the presence of other colleagues or clients.
  • Involving yourself in your partner’s official matters without authorization.
  • Allowing the integrity of your job performance to be compromised because of issues involving your partner.
  • Distracting your partner from their official duties because of acts or discussions regarding your workplace relationship.

Dating managers/supervisors.

The Company strictly prohibits manager/supervisors from getting romantically and/or sexually involved with employees who report to them directly and/or indirectly. This is to avoid accusation of favoritism and abuse of authority.

Managers/supervisors are prohibited from considering/hiring their partners in the case of married couples.

The end of the romantic/sexual involvement.

In the unfortunate event that romantic and/or sexual involvement ends, the Employees are advised to keep interacting professionally. Heartbroken employees are prohibited against acts that may embarrass the ex, sabotage the ex’s job performance and any acts of abuse of authority against the ex.

Disciplinary action.

Employees involved in a romantic and/or sexual relationship and who, knowing about the provisions of this Policy and/or the Employment Agreement and/or the Workplace Relationship Agreement, yet still acts in a manner that violates such provisions shall face disciplinary action. Disciplinary action may include termination of the Employment Contract where warnings have been ignored.

Revisions of Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to update this Relationship Policy from time to time and will post the updated Relationship Policy on the official website.  Employees agree to review this Relationship Policy regularly so that you understand our current Relationship Policy. 

Questions or Concerns

If you have any questions about, or complaints that concern, this Relationship Policy kindly consult the HR Team.

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