January 18, 2024

ParkFair Professional Building,
451 Parkfair Dr Sacramento,
CA 95864
Dear Sir,
Reference is made to the above matter wherein I address you as hereunder.
As you are well aware, my company Dennard Enterprises, has sub-leased office space
in the above-mentioned building since [insert date] where we currently sub-lease a
multi-office space with 2 other companies. For the period that we have sub-leased the
said office space, my company has been a good and dependable tenant who has a
good record, is easy to communicate with and very respectful, pays rent timely and
cares for the property, and furthermore adheres to legislation and terms of the Tenancy
Our business will be expanding in the next couple of months and automatically we’ll
require additional space to carter for the expansion. We note that the office space
upstairs has been vacant for a very long time and we are interested in taking up the
space on the terms as spelt out herein below;
1. We understand the office space has been vacant for over 7 years at least, and it
needs renovations space including the main entrance walk way needs work and
we will need 120 days’ time to prepare the space for business.
2. During the build out stage of a 120 days’ time period, there will be no rent paid
for the space.
3. You shall ensure that the electrical breaker can handle our needs.
4. Our proposal is to Lease the space at a rate $400 monthly for a 10yr term.
5. We would also be interested in leasing Suite 9 if you are willing to clear out the
space from being used as a storage room.

These terms are part we propose to include in our letter of intent should you accept our
proposal to rent out the said space. We look forward to your response to this proposal
and information on when we can send you our letter of intent.
Kind Regards,
FOR: Dennard Enterprises

John Dennard

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