Project Initiation Plan

March 1, 2024


Project Initiation Plan


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The Project Background

The project involves breaking the Guinness world record for the largest gravel mosaic. The principal sponsor of the project is the Coca-Cola Company. The Guinness World Records are internationally recognized benchmarks for achieving excellence in various fields. One such field is the creation of unique artwork, which is why the team proposes to break the Guinness World Record for The Largest Gravel Mosaic. The team aims to create a 50,000-square-foot gravel mosaic in a public space, showcasing our dedication and commitment to promoting art and culture. Making the world’s giant gravel mosaic is a daunting challenge but one that we are excited to undertake (Gamble, 2021). To ensure that the mosaic satisfies the Guinness World Records requirements, it will be necessary to possess remarkable imagination and artistic talent and conduct thorough planning, coordination, and implementation. The program presents a unique opportunity to collaborate on a single creative project with artists, designers, and volunteers from all cultural backgrounds. Working together to create stunning public artwork will promote community involvement and inspire people globally to recognize and celebrate cultural diversity. The project will garner much media attention in addition to the intrinsic merit of producing a work of art that breaks records. This will provide our sponsor, The Coca-Cola Company, an excellent opportunity to gain brand visibility and demonstrate their commitment to promoting culture and creativity.

The Project Objectives

The primary objective of this project is to break the Guinness World Record for The Largest Gravel Mosaic by creating a 50,000-square-foot gravel mosaic in a public space. We aim to showcase our dedication and commitment to promoting art and culture by producing visually stunning public artwork. This project must create a distinctive design and coordinate with regional authorities to secure approvals. The designers, artists, and volunteers will collaborate to produce a masterpiece emphasizing the value of protecting and honoring cultural heritage.

Second, the project aims to demonstrate the aesthetic ability and originality of the involved team. In particular, the team can show their artistic passion and creative skills. This project will use team members’ combined experience to produce a unique public artwork that celebrates cultural diversity and motivates people worldwide. This initiative will demonstrate the team’s artistic prowess and dedication to fostering culture and innovation.

The project team members’ ultimate goal is to produce a visually magnificent public work of art that encourages civic involvement and motivates people worldwide to accept cultural diversity. Making a sizable gravel mosaic in a public area could get people’s attention and promote community involvement (Wei et al., 2020). The team also plans to promote the effort and public participation using social media and similar marketing channels. The group wants to construct a unique public artwork to inspire and unite people from all backgrounds, ethnicities, and occupations and promote cohesion and acceptance.

The Project Scope

The project’s scope to break the Guinness World Record for The Largest Gravel Mosaic is comprehensive and involves several critical steps. To ensure the mosaic’s durability and visibility, it is crucial first to choose an appropriate place. A 50,000-square-foot mosaic must fit on the site and be open to the public. The mosaic’s design will also be created, emphasizing its visual and cultural significance. This will require skilled artists’ and designers’ input and expertise to create a plan that meets the Guinness World Records criteria for the giant gravel mosaic.


Additionally, purchasing the required supplies, such as gravel, paint, and other items, is an ultimate requirement for the project. To guarantee the lifespan and durability of the mosaic, the materials must be of the most excellent quality (McCormick, 2018). Likewise, the project’s success depends on professional designers, artists, and volunteers to make the mosaic. The team will be trained and directed accordingly to ensure that the mosaic meets the necessary standards and satisfies the Guinness World Records requirements. Furthermore, the project’s success will depend on effective collaboration with local officials who secure the requisite approvals.  Permissions will be acquired from the authority that dictates local laws and regulations to ensure the project is safe and complies with all legal standards.

To engage the neighborhood and spark enthusiasm, the project must be promoted to increase awareness and inspire public participation. Ensuring the initiative receives the most exposure and reach will entail promoting and publicizing it through numerous media outlets. A final examination is required to ensure the mosaic satisfies the Guinness World Records requirements to achieve the project’s goals. Providing the mosaic meets all relevant requirements, such as size, quality, and durability, will require careful examination.


The Project Deliverables

To achieve the objectives, the project will create several deliverables. A plan for the gravel mosaic is the first product to be delivered. This will require developing a spectacular design that will occupy at least 50,000 square feet. The design should be carefully curated to ensure that it satisfies the Guinness World Records requirements and should demonstrate the artistic talent and originality of the project team.

The finished 50,000-square-foot gravel mosaic is the second deliverable. This will entail assembling a group of volunteers, designers, and artists to make the mosaic and acquiring the necessary resources, such as gravel, paint, and other items. The outcome should be a visually appealing public work of art that encourages neighborhood involvement and emphasizes the significance of honoring and protecting cultural heritage.

The third deliverable is a video and photo documentation of the endeavor. This will involve documenting both the entire mosaic-making process and the finished product. The documentation will promote the initiative and the value of protecting cultural heritage awareness.

The fourth and last deliverable is a final report describing the project’s progress, difficulties, and successes. The information will give an overview of the project’s timeframe, budget, and goals and a thorough description of the project’s accomplishments and difficulties. This report will be an invaluable tool for upcoming projects, offering advice and knowledge gained for other teams attempting to beat the Guinness World Record for The Biggest Gravel Mosaic.

The Project Timeline

It is anticipated that it will take around a year to break the Guinness World Record for The Biggest Gravel Mosaic. It is expected that choosing a suitable place for the gravel mosaic and securing the required permits from neighborhood authorities will consume the first two months of the timetable. After that, the design development phase will start, and it will probably take another two months to complete the mosaic’s design. The team will acquire the required materials, such as gravel, paint, and other supplies, once the procedure is finished, which should take another two months.

The mosaic’s creation, expected to take three months, will require assembling and training a team of artists, designers, and volunteers. The ability of the team to produce the giant gravel mosaic in the world will be determined during this vital stage. After the team is in place, the mosaic’s creation will start, which is anticipated to take another two months. The team will put much effort into this phase to turn the design into a gorgeous and aesthetically arresting piece of art.

The final examination, which is expected to take around a month, will bring the timeline to an end. This stage is crucial to guarantee that the mosaic satisfies the Guinness World Records requirements and is of the most outstanding caliber. Ultimately, the timeline is set up to ensure that every project component is meticulously planned and carried out, with each step building on the one before it to produce a top-notch work of public art that will inspire and thrill people all over the world.

The Project Budget

The project is anticipated to cost $2.5 million, where the funds will be used to cover the costs of the project’s materials, labor, licenses, marketing, and other expenses. The budget has been estimated to guarantee that all costs are paid and that the project can be completed to the most significant degree. This covers the price of getting top-notch supplies, recruiting qualified workers, obtaining all required approvals and permits, publicizing the project to increase awareness, and paying other project-related fees. We will be able to produce a work of public art of the highest caliber that will inspire and involve people worldwide with this realistic, doable budget.



The Coca-Cola Company is an ideal sponsor for this project, given the company’s longstanding commitment to promoting creativity and culture. We propose that The Coca-Cola Company provide funding for the project in exchange for brand visibility and marketing opportunities associated with creating the world’s largest gravel mosaic.




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McCormick, K. I. (2018). Mosaic of care: Preschool children’s caring expressions and enactments. Journal of Early Childhood Research, 16(4), 378-392.

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