I would like to hire advisors for my LLC and would like to distribute compensation via Profits Interest as my prospective advisors would like to avoid any tax liability. Are you familiar with the concept of profits interest for LLCs? and would it be possible for you to generate a profits interest agreement with a vesting schedule?

would appreciate if you could also include, as part of this package, a brief explanatory memo indicating how/why the agreement is able to avoid tax liability and how profits might be distributed through a time-based vesting schedule. I just want to be able to hold a conversation with the advisors in laymen terns.

  1. Requested: Profits Interest Agreement for compensating Advisors of an LLC
    Please use placeholders for [advisor name], [distribution percentages], [vesting schedule] and for [Company Name]. I will fill in those portions later.Please let me know if there is any information you will need to move forward with this.

    But I am basically looking for a general template that I can easily fill-out once I hammer out the details with my advisors.

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