Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy for Preciser, Inc.
At Preciser, we understand that your privacy is important. We respect and value the privacy of
everyone who visits (the “Site”) or uses any of our application on their
devices (“Apps”). We only collect and use your Data as described in this Privacy Policy (the “Policy”)
and as permitted by Data Protection Legislation.
Please read this Policy carefully and ensure that you understand it. To navigate through our Privacy
Notice just click on the links below. Capitalised terms used in this Policy are defined in the Glossary
below. Please note that our Site and Apps are not intended for use by individuals under 13 years old.
1. Who are we?
Our Site is owned and operated by Preciser Inc., a Texas Corporation (“Preciser”, or “we”, “us” or
“our”). We are the data controller for the purposes of the Data Protection Legislation, which means
that we are in charge of determining the reasons why and the ways by which your data is processed.
Please contact us at [insert official email] if you have any questions about how we handle or protect
your data or if you have any other questions about this policy.
2. Information that we collect
We collect Personal Data either in order to (i) market, offer, or provide you with our Services; or (ii)
in order to improve our Services. Below, under "How we utilize your information," is a complete list
of the reasons we process your information. You are not required to give us any personal
information. However, a large portion of the Personal Data we ask for is necessary for the delivery
and effectiveness of our Services. If you decide not to supply the needed information, we might not
be able to offer you our Services.
We collect information about your browser and cookies when you visit websites. We may also
collect technical data about the computer or other device you are using to access our websites, such
as your IP address.
During the registration process and when you subsequently use your account, you are requested to
submit specific Personal Data including, but not limited to:
 your first and last name;
 date of birth;
 credit card or other payment data;
 identity number;
 home or another physical address;
 e-mail address; and
 phone/mobile number or other contact data.

You will also be required to create a special username and password combination for your account
in addition to the aforementioned information. To make our Services accessible, this information is
Additional data is processed continuously once you have registered as a user and created an account
to make sure that our services are provided to you in the best way possible. To access your account,
you must use your specific login and password.

In the event that you log into your account, we might gather:
 a record of all internet communications and details of your visits to our websites;
 technical information relating to the device, such as the device identifier, and browser you
use to access our websites;
 details of transactions you carry out through the site, such as payments, withdrawals and
 communications with us or our employees which includes calls, emails, and messages sent
through the live chat service;
 information regarding your location, including IP address.
In certain instances, we may also request that you send us additional information to verify your
identity. This may include:
 copies of photographic identification documents;
 proof of address; and
 source of funds for your account.
Your documents are always handled and stored safely.
In a few select situations, we might carry out open-source investigations, which entails accessing
public data and information about you that is readily accessible to the general public, including posts
on forums, social media accounts, news stories, and official records.
We evaluate your mode of payment and the devices you use to access our websites using services
offered by third parties to help us decide whether to accept transactions from you in order to
protect both you and the Company’s security. These third-party services investigate historical
instances of suspected identity theft, promotion abuse, or credit card fraud to determine whether
the device or payment method has been used fraudulently or abusively.
3. How we use your Information
We use the information we collect to protect you or other third parties, provide, maintain, protect
and improve our Services, and develop new Services. We also use this information to offer you
tailored content like giving you more relevant promotional offers, should you consent to receive our
promotional marketing material.
We process your Personal Data for the purposes of:
 creating and managing your account;
 providing you with gambling services;
 if necessary, contacting you via your registered contact information in connection with the
management and operation of your account;
 processing your online financial and wagering transactions;
 researching your preferences to develop new features, functionality, products and services;
 ensuring our websites function correctly and identifying any technical issues;
 complying with all our legal and regulatory requirements, such as those relating to the
identification of individuals under anti-money laundering legislation and ensuring
responsible gambling;
 preventing fraudulent activity or cheating;

 determining what promotions and bonuses to offer you should you consent to receive
marketing material; and
 providing you, unless you have opted out, with information, by the contact methods you
authorise us to use, about our Services, and selected third party services, products,
competitions, prizes and offers.
We actively manage our financial liabilities and risk on events and markets. Liability and exposure
controls can be applied across betting markets and/or individual accounts to manage those
liabilities. The Company may assess your data (including Personal Data) to determine motivations for
opening an account or placing a bet. Should your activity stand out from what we consider to be
ordinary and expected behaviour, further analysis is performed. In line with our terms and
conditions, we may exclude you from certain promotions or from placing certain bets as a result of
this investigation. Examples of unusual betting behaviour can be, though is not limited to:
 larger than expected bets appearing on a very specific outcome.
 a bet being placed by a customer who may be privy to information regarding the potential
outcome of an event;
 a customer changing their established betting pattern;
 an alert from a sport’s governing body or monitoring agency; and
 a large number of bets placed in a short time period on one specific outcome.

Any analysis done is a private corporate asset that is not shared with any outside parties. When the
Company deems it necessary owing to a customer’s betting behavior, we reserve the right to impose
limits on their accounts.
Who we share your Personal Data with
Certain trusted third-party entities provide services essential to our ability to offer our Services to
you. These third parties include but are not limited to:
 those that supply the software and games for our websites;
 banking and payment services;
 identity verification companies;
 fraud prevention and risk management companies.
We are required to share some of your information with these entities to offer our Services to you.
In these instances, we take reasonable measures to ensure that the third party has appropriate
security and privacy arrangements in place to ensure your data is protected.
In compliance with regulatory obligations, we may be required to disclose your information to
government authorities, such as the police or regulators. Personal Data may also be shared with
regulators, agencies, or relevant sports bodies in instances where we become suspicious that an
account holder may be involved in match-fixing or the breach of sports regulations. We will also
disclose information as required to enforce our terms of use as stated in our Terms and Conditions.
In the event of the sale of our business, or other business event, which results in us having to
transfer your Personal Data to a third party, you will be notified via email or notice posted on our
websites to explain the identity of the new Data Controller and your options regarding your Personal
Our websites may contain links to and from the websites of third-party organisations. Please note
that these websites may have their own privacy policies and that we do not accept any responsibility

whatsoever for these policies. Please check these policies carefully before you submit any Personal
Marketing and Opting Out
The Data Controller reserves the right to process Personal Data for marketing purposes. In certain
limited circumstances, we also reserve the right to provide this information to our third-party
partners for the purpose of marketing our services to you provided that you have already consented
or give us your consent to do this.
We request your consent to market to you when you first create an account with us, you can choose
not to receive marketing/promotional material at any time. By opting out or denying such consent
has no influence on the registration of a gaming account.
If you have opted out of marketing from us, we will take all reasonable steps to ensure you no longer
receive promotional material about our services. This may affect your eligibility for certain
promotional bonuses.
Even if you unsubscribe from our marketing mailing list, we may continue to send out periodic e-
mails and/or SMSes informing you of technical, service or security issues related to a product or
service you requested, confirming you requested a product or service, or providing periodic updates
or information relating to the product or service you requested or any other form of communication
we are obliged to send you in terms of legislation.
Please note that should you opt out of receiving marketing/promotional material from us, there
might be a delay in removing you from our marketing/promotional lists. We ask that you give us a
period of 14 days from opting out to remove you from our mailing list. Should you continue to
receive marketing/promotional material after 14 days from opting out, we ask that you notify us in
order to investigate why you have not been removed from the mailing list.
Your Rights
We respect your privacy rights and therefore you may contact us at any time and request the
 the personal information we have about you;
 to update your personal information if it is inaccurate or incomplete;
 to complete any incomplete personal data. This can entail making a supporting argument.
The reasons why your information is being handled will determine whether or not this is
suitable in each specific circumstance;
 to erase your Personal Data if:
o your Personal Data has been processed unlawfully by us; or
o your Personal Data is no longer necessary for the purposes for which it was collected
by us; or
o You object to processing and there is no overriding legitimate interest for continuing
to process your Personal Data.

 to limit how we can use your personal information if
o you contest the accuracy of the Personal Data held by us (for a period enabling us to
verify the accuracy of the Personal Information);
o our processing activities are unlawful; or
o we no longer need your Personal Data but you would like us to retain it to ensure its
continued availability to you in connection with any legal claims.

You undertake to update us if there are any changes or inaccuracies in your Personal Data.
Please note that objecting to our processing of your Personal Data will result in us being unable to
continue to offer our Services to you which may lead to us closing your account. When requesting
any of the above information from us, you have the right to ask that your Personal Data be provided
to you in a generally understandable format.
Cookie Policy
Cookies are text files containing a small amount of information that are downloaded to your device
when you visit a website. Most websites utilise cookies to improve your online experience and to
ensure that content and functions are delivered and used more effectively.
Cookies perform various different functions. For example, some cookies are session cookies which
are downloaded to your device temporarily for the period that you spend browsing a particular
website. These cookies might allow you to navigate between pages more efficiently or enable
websites to remember the preferences you selected. Other cookies are persistent cookies which can
be used to help websites remember you as a returning visitor or to ensure the online adverts you
receive are more relevant to your specific needs and interests.
The primary use of cookies on our websites, either directly by the Company or our chosen partner(s),
is to:
 enable you to save time and facilitate future access to the site;
 identify how people navigate through our website to improve our Service, content and the
effectiveness of our communications;
 collect and share device data to detect and prevent devices associated with fraud and
money laundering;
 identify account and device irregularities and detect and prevent fraudulent transactions
and abuse of our customer accounts and our Services.
You consent to us occasionally storing information on your device (such as your username,
password, personal information, email address, and technical device information like the model and
its IP address) so that you can use the functionality and Services on our websites to the fullest extent
possible and so that your browser can recognize you as a user. You won’t need to enter your details
again when you visit our websites thanks to this. These cookies are issued specifically to you and
cannot be used to launch programs or spread viruses to your computer. Additionally, the web
server(s) that sent the cookies to your device are the only ones who can read them.
Transfer and Storage of your Personal Information
We reserve the right to transfer and preserve the information we gather from you outside of Texas.
It may also be processed by employees of the Company or one of our suppliers who are based
outside of Texas. Such personnel may be involved in a variety of tasks connected to fulfilling any
requests you might have while working with us, including processing your payment information,
providing support services, and fulfilling requests you may have made in the past.
By ensuring that such data transfers adhere to applicable regulations, we will take all reasonably
necessary measures to guarantee that your Personal Data is handled securely and in line with this
privacy policy. As soon as we receive your data, we’ll put tight protocols and security measures in

place to guard against unauthorized access, maintain the accuracy of your Personal Data, and make
it readily available.
All financial and wagering transactions, as well as any submitted identity, must be fully documented.
Your Personal Data will be stored on our systems for as long as is required to fulfil our legal
We strive to retain your Personal Data for as long as we feel is necessary to achieve the goals for
which the Personal Data was obtained, unless otherwise permitted or mandated by relevant law or
regulatory requirements (including but not limited to for the purpose of meeting any legal,
accounting or other reporting requirements or obligations). Your Personal Data may be made
anonymous so that it cannot be linked to you or traced back to you instead of being destroyed or
How we keep your information secured
We take great care in implementing and maintaining the security of the Services and your data. We
have put in place appropriate physical and technological safeguards to help prevent unauthorised
access, to maintain data security, and to appropriately use the information we collect online. These
safeguards vary based on the sensitivity of the information that we collect and store.
We employ industry standard procedures and controls to ensure the safety of our users’
information, such as:
o securing network topology, which includes intrusion prevention and firewall systems;
o encrypted communication;
o authentication and access Control; and
o external and internal audit tests.
Although we take reasonable steps to safeguard information, we cannot be responsible for the acts
of those who gain unauthorised access or abuse the Services. We make no warranty, express,
implied or otherwise, that we will prevent such access.
Children Information
Users under the age of 13 are not permitted to use the Services. You shouldn’t use the Services or
give us any Personal Data if you’re under 13 years old. We never intentionally collect personal
information from anybody under the age of thirteen.
Any Personal Data we have gathered about you may be accessed and verified at our discretion. If we
discover that a user who is under 13 has provided any information, we will delete that information.
Please get in touch with us if you have any reason to think that a minor has shared information with

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