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Tripplnr Privacy Policy
The privacy statement for, a website run by [insert name of your company], is
provided below. Regarding the gathering and disclosure of information about people using and
accessing this website, [Insert Name of Your Company] ("we" or "us") conforms to existing privacy
laws. The term "Privacy Law" refers to any laws or rules that [Insert name of your company] may be
subject to from time to time that are in effect in the United States of America (as applicable to you)
and that have an impact on privacy or the gathering, handling, storing, processing, use, or disclosure
of personal data.
We are aware that making an online reservation requires a great deal of confidence on your part. We
appreciate your trust and place a great importance on protecting the security and privacy of the
personal data you entrust to us. To find out more about our privacy practices, please read our policy.
By accessing this website, you agree to the policies outlined here.
What information we collect from you
In General. Any information you enter on our website or provide to us in any other way is received
by us and stored there. This includes details that can be used to identify you ("personal
information"), such as your name and last name, phone number, address (including postal and email
addresses), fax number, and billing information (such as credit card number, cardholder name, and
expiration date). We might also ask for information on your preferred hotel rooms, frequent flyer
program memberships, and automobile rental choices.
Travel Companion Information. We will ask for personal information and travel preferences about
the person you are booking a reservation for on this website. If you are giving us the personal
information of a third party, you must get their permission before giving us their name, contact
information, and travel preferences. You must also make sure they have read and agree to this
privacy statement. Your account will provide you access to view or modify the information about
your travel companion(s).
Information from Other Sources. Periodically, we might additionally get personal and non-personal
data about you from partners, affiliates, and other unaffiliated third-party sources and add it to our
account information. Updated delivery and address information, purchase history, and demographic
data are a few examples of the kinds of information we might get.
Automatic Information. When you access our website, we automatically gather certain data about
your computer. For instance, we will record your IP address, referring website, and web browser
type. We might also gather details about your online activities, such as trips you’ve looked at and
reservations you’ve made. Our objectives in gathering this automatic data are to enhance customer
experience customization and reduce fraud. Please visit Cookies and other technologies for
additional details.
How we use your information

For the purpose of fulfilling the travel arrangements you make on our site, we use sensitive billing
information (such as cardholder name, credit card number, and expiration date), and we share such
information to our third party suppliers and vendors. For the following general purposes, we use
additional information about you: to fulfill your requests for products and services; to confirm and
update your travel plans; to manage your account, including paying bills and sending you
notifications for travel; to communicate with you generally; to address your inquiries and comments;
to gauge interest in and otherwise improve our products, services, and website; to let you know
about special deals and products or services; to reward you as part of any reward and recognition
program you decide to join; to collect information from you, such as through surveys; to settle
disputes, pay fees, or troubleshoot issues; to stop potentially prohibited or illegal activities; to
enforce our Terms of Use; and as otherwise disclosed to you at the point of collection. You agree to
the use of your personal information as indicated by giving us your personal information.
Email Communications. We want you to be able to easily benefit from the travel-related options on
our website. Sending you emails with information on your ostensibly travel-related interests is one
way we accomplish this. We are confident that the information in these emails will be helpful to you
as you research travel-related special deals on our website. Please be aware that any such email we
send will give you the option of choosing not to receive these email messages.
With whom we share your information
We may share your information with the following entities:
 Suppliers, such as those who fulfill your vacation arrangements, like hotels, airlines, car rental
agencies, and activity providers. All services offered by a third-party source are identified as
such across this website. Your personal information may be used or disclosed by our
vendors without restriction from us. As a result, we advise you to carefully read the privacy
statements of any travel vendor whose goods you buy from our website. Please be aware that
these suppliers may also get in touch with you if it’s required to get more details about you,
help with your trip arrangements, or respond to any reviews you may write.
 Third-party vendors who do tasks such as processing credit cards, conducting business
analytics, providing customer care, marketing, distributing surveys or sweepstakes programs,
and preventing fraud on our behalf. We might also provide third-party suppliers permission
to gather data on our behalf, such as when it’s required to run specific website functions or
enable the distribution of interest-based online advertising. Third-party suppliers are only
permitted to access and gather data as necessary to carry out their tasks; they are not allowed
to distribute or use the data in any other way.
 Business partners who’s goods or services we might jointly sell or whose goods or services
we might offer on our website. When a third party is involved in a good or service you’ve
ordered, their name will display, either by itself or in conjunction with ours. We might
provide our partners access to information about you, including your personal information,
if you decide to use these optional services. Please be aware that we have no control over

these third-party business partners’ privacy practices. The privacy rules of any such business
partners are therefore something we strongly advise you to check.
 Referring websites. We may share certain information about you with the website that
referred you to this one if you arrived there from another website (for instance, through a
link you clicked on another website to get there). There are no restrictions on how the
websites that referred you here may use your personal information, therefore we advise you
to study their privacy statements.
 Government and Law Enforcement Agencies. For security, customs, and immigration
reasons, we might be obliged to provide your personal information to law enforcement
authorities and governments all around the world. For instance, according to U.S. law, the
Bureau of Customs and Border Protection of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security is
required to receive Passenger Name Record data, also known as PNR data, from travelers
before their arrival in or departure from the U.S.A.
We also may share your information:
 To establish or exercise our legal rights, to respond to subpoenas, court orders, or other legal
proceedings, to defend against legal claims, or as otherwise required by law.
 When we deem it necessary to look into, prevent, or take action regarding illegal or
suspected illegal activities; to safeguard and defend the rights, property, or safety of our
business or this website, our clients, or others; and in connection with our Terms of Service
and other agreements. In such situations, we reserve the right to raise or waive any legal
objection or right that may be available to us.
 In the unlikely case of bankruptcy or in connection with a corporate transaction such a
divestment, merger, consolidation, or asset sale.
 As permitted by current privacy laws otherwise.
Aside from what is stated above, you will be informed when personal information about you is
going to be shared with third parties and given the option to decide not to have such information
You agree to the disclosure of your personal information as outlined above by giving us your
personal information.
Additionally, we might divulge anonymous or aggregate data to investors and advertisements. For
instance, we might divulge to our marketers the number of visitors to our website or the most well-
liked resort areas. This data is used to provide content and services that we hope you’ll find useful,
but it doesn’t include any personal information.
How you can access your information

Visit the "My Account" section of this website to view and change your personal information and
other contact details. By getting in touch with us at the email address provided below, you can close
your account. Please be aware that once an account is closed, you won’t be able to access your
personal data or login in. But you can start a new account whenever you want. Please be aware that
we reserve the right to keep some information about your account on file for record-keeping and
analytical purposes.
If you don’t have an account, we will give you access to the personal data we have on you upon
request, excepting any exceptions allowed by the relevant Privacy Law. We may charge you for the
reasonable expenses incurred in granting you access to this personal information. We will respond to
your request for access to this personal information in a timely manner. Whether we decline to
provide you access to the personal information, we will explain why we did so and let you know if
there are any privacy law exceptions that may apply.
Your choices with respect to collection and use of your information
 As mentioned above, you have the option to withhold any information from us even if it
might be required to make travel arrangements or use particular website services.
 As previously mentioned, you can also add or change information and close your account.
 You will be given the option to choose whether or not you want to receive email messages
from us about exclusive offers when you sign up as a member on our website. You can
change your selection at any time on the "My Account" page if you have enrolled as a
member. You will also have the option to unsubscribe from commercial messages in any
such email we send, whether or not you have enrolled as a member. Please be aware that we
reserve the right to send you other communications, such as administrative messages,
surveys, and service announcements pertaining to your account or your transactions on this
website, without giving you the option to decline receiving them.
 On our website, you might have the option to enter your mobile number in order to sign up
for flight notifications for the day of your trip. You are always free to stop receiving these
 You can block your browser from accepting new cookies, have the browser inform you
when a new cookie is received, or completely disable cookies by using the Help section of
the toolbar on the majority of browsers. Please be aware that some parts of our website
won’t be accessible if you don’t accept cookies from this site.
Cookies and other technologies
Cookies are little data text files that can be kept on the hard drive of your computer (if your Web
browser permits). Cookies are used on this website for the following typical functions:

 for the purpose of assisting us in identifying your browser as a previous visitor and saving
and remembering any preferences that might have been set when your browser was
browsing our website. For instance, if you register on our website, we might use cookies to
remember your registration details so you don’t have to log in every time you come. In the
event that you clicked the box labeled "Sign me in automatically next time," we may also
save your password in a cookie. Note that these cookies contain encrypted information for
security reasons, including member IDs, passwords, and any other information pertaining to
accounts. These cookies will not include any personal information until you register with us.
 It assist us in making content and adverts that you see on this website and other websites
around the Internet more personalized for you. For instance, when you visit a page on our
website, a cookie is automatically set by us, our service providers, or our partners. This
enables us to identify your browser as you use the Internet and to show you content and
advertisements that are relevant to your apparent interests. For additional details on our
online advertising policies and your options, see Display of Advertising/Your Choices.
 To determine which emails you open and act upon, in order to measure and research the
effectiveness of website features and products, adverts, and email communications.
You can block your browser from accepting new cookies, have the browser inform you when a new
cookie is received, or completely disable cookies by using the Help section of the toolbar on the
majority of browsers. Please be aware that you might not be able to access many of the travel tools
provided on our sites if you refuse to accept cookies.
We also use Local Shared Objects, often known as "flash cookies," on our website in addition to the
cookies mentioned above. These are employed to improve your user experience, including in
connection with animated content on our website and by saving your user preferences and settings,
such as your volume and mute settings. Similar to browser cookies, local shared objects can store
data that is more complicated than plain text. They are powerless to alter or work with the data on
your computer on their own. Like other cookies, they are only able to access the personally
identifiable data you have submitted to this website, and no other websites are able to access them.
Web beacons, often referred to as clear gifs, pixel tags, or web bugs, are tiny images embedded in
Web pages that have a unique identification and serve a similar purpose to cookies. Web beacons are
used by us to track user movement between pages on our websites, to deliver or interact with
cookies, to determine whether a user arrived at our site via an online advertisement seen on a
different website, and to optimize site performance. Web beacons may also be used by our service
providers to track visitor activity on our website and to assist us in determining whether emails have
been opened by their intended recipients.
If you have any questions about our use of cookies or other technologies, please email us at [insert
Display of tailored advertising/Your choices

To provide you with relevant advertising, business partners and ad networks collect data. We or our
service providers are responsible for serving the advertising that you see on this website.
Additionally, we let third parties to use cookies and other technologies to gather data about your
online activity. These third parties include (1) business associates who gather data when you view or
interact with one of their advertisements on our sites, and (2) ad networks who gather data about
your interests when you view or interact with one of the advertisements they display on numerous
different websites on the Internet. The data obtained by these third parties is used to create
assumptions about your traits, preferences, and interests and to display ads on our websites and
elsewhere on the Internet that are specifically targeted to your apparent interests. On our website,
we do not allow these third parties to gather any personal information about you (such as your email
address), and we do not provide any personal information about you to them.
Please be aware that the information practices of these third parties are not covered by this Privacy
Policy, nor do we have access to or control over the cookies or other technologies that these third
parties may use to gather information about your interests. Some of these businesses are participants
in the Network Advertising Initiative, which provides a centralized site for members to opt out of
targeted advertising.
To provide you with appropriate advertising, cookie-based exchange operators collect data. We
participate in cookie-based exchanges, like other online businesses, where anonymous information
about your browsing behavior is gathered through cookies or other technologies and divided into
several categories of interest (such as travel). Third parties, such as marketers and ad networks, are
then given access to these topics of interest so they can create adverts that are relevant to your
apparent interests. We do not allow these businesses to collect any personal data about you on our
website and we do not exchange any personal information with them, including your email address.
Using the our mobile phone and tablet Apps ("Mobile Apps")
We gather and use your personal data in the same ways and for the same objectives when you use
one of our mobile apps as when you visit our website.
Additionally, when you use one of our mobile apps, we automatically record additional information
that we use. Specifically:
 We keep track of the functionality of mobile apps that you access and use. This enables us to
pinpoint the components of the mobile app that appeal to our users so we can hone and
constantly improve it. The data we gather for this purpose prevents us from being able to
directly identify you.
 Every mobile app additionally transmits to us the device’s unique device identification (also
known as "UID"), which is a string of numbers or characters exclusive to your mobile
device. We only utilize this when the mobile app is first opened so that we can verify to our
advertising networks how many downloads came from clicks on their individual ad banners
and other marketing materials.

 You have the option to grant a mobile app access to your current location when using it to
find hotels or airports close by. This location is provided by your mobile device using GPS
or similar technologies. This location information might be gathered anonymously as part of
search requests that our servers log if you decide to grant access. Your phone’s settings
menu allows you to turn off the mobile app’s ability to access your location at any moment.
 In the event that a mobile app fails or hangs, it will also report the issue to us. This gives us
the opportunity to look into the mistake and enhance the Mobile App’s stability for further
updates. The Mobile App provides us details about the kind and version of the mobile
device, the UID, the date and time the problem occurred, the feature being used, and the
state of the application at the time the issue occurred as part of these error reports. Aside
from looking into and fixing the mistake, we don’t use this information for anything else.
How we protect your information
We are committed to preserving the information we gather and want you to feel comfortable using
this website to book travel. No website can guarantee security, but we have put in place the
necessary administrative, technical, and physical security measures to assist safeguard the personal
data we gather about you. For instance, access to personal information is restricted to authorized
workers and is only permitted for legitimate business purposes. Additionally, to further guard against
unauthorized parties accessing your information, we use firewalls and intrusion detection systems as
well as encryption when transferring sensitive personal information between your system and ours.
External links
Any links on this website that take you to external websites do not operate in accordance with this
privacy statement. To understand how those other websites gather, use, and disclose personal
information, we advise you to read the privacy statements provided on each of them.
Cross-border data flows
Please be aware that your information may be transferred to, stored, and processed in the United
States (where our servers are located and our central database is operated) or another country where
those third parties with whom we share it as described in this Policy are located if you are visiting
our website or using the Mobile Apps from any other country outside of the United States. Despite
the fact that the rules governing data protection and other matters in the United States and other
nations may not be as thorough as those in your country, rest assured that we take precautions to
protect your privacy (however, such steps may not expressly require the overseas recipient to comply
with the applicable Privacy Law). You agree that we may transfer your information to our facilities
and the facilities of the third parties with whom we share it in the ways specified in this Policy by
using our services and supplying information to us.
Changes to this Privacy Policy

In the future, we might amend this privacy statement. When there are significant changes to this
Privacy Policy, we’ll let you know by sending you an email at the address you gave us or by
prominently posting a notice on our website.
How you can contact us
If you want to make a complaint about how we handled your personal information or if you have
concerns regarding this Privacy Policy (or your travel arrangements or purchases), get in touch with
us via: [insert email]

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