“You” and “User” refer to anyone who visits the company’s (Compsured Insurance Group
LLC) website (“Site”) through any channel. The terms “Our,” “Us,” and
“We” refer to the Company as the service providers. By using our services, you confirm that you
have read and accept our Privacy Policy. By accessing the Site, regardless of whether you have
an account with us, you affirm that you have read, comprehend, and agree to be bound by this
Privacy Policy, and that you are of legal age to enter into this agreement. Immediately
discontinue use of the Site if you disagree with any of these guidelines. We reserve the right to
terminate this Agreement if you breach any of its conditions.
We may collect Personal Identification Information (PII), such as your full name and email
address, as well as Usage Data, such as your IP address, operating system, and browsing history,
from you. We will delete any information we inadvertently get regarding persons under the age
of 18 years because we do not knowingly collect it. We collect information from you either:
directly from you, indirectly through the information you provide to us or through automatic
techniques such as cookies, from third parties such as from insurance carrier partners, and from
public records. When we request information from you, you must always offer accurate, current,
and complete responses.
You agree to receive messages from us and other users. Even if the phone number you supply is
on a national or local do-not-call register, you hereby expressly consent to receiving marketing
phone calls and text messages, including those generated by automatic telephone dialing systems
and includes prerecorded messages. You can use our products and services without giving the
aforementioned consent by calling us. You consent to the recording of any phone conversations
you have with us, as well as anybody to whom we may transmit your call. This will be done for
quality, customer service, compliance, and regulatory reasons.
You can adjust some parts of your communications preferences through your account’s settings,
but you cannot opt out of receiving administrative, transactional, or legal messages from us. The
social sharing tools and other integrated technologies accessible via the Services, such as
Facebook, may enable you to share your activity on them with other media. This functionality
simplifies your interactions with other users. Depending on the settings you pick with the firm
that provides the social sharing option, you may choose to share information only with your
friends or with the general public. You can learn more about the data collection and processing
practices related with social sharing tools by reading the privacy policies of the companies
responsible for providing these functions.

A cookie is a technique for gathering data, such as information about you and how you use the
website, as well as perhaps unique identifiers. Cookies are information-gathering mechanisms
that may collect data about you and how you use the website, including your IP address, browser
type, search preferences, information about the advertisements you’ve seen or interacted with,
and the time and date of your use. Cookies might be kept permanently or for the duration of a
single session. The majority of web browsers are configured to accept cookies by default,
however this can be changed under the browser’s security settings. You are free to accept or
reject them, but doing so may limit your use of our services. They assist in determining your
browsing behaviors, personalizing and optimizing the website based on your preferences, and
ensuring the security of your account by detecting anomalies. Some of our advertising and third-
party service partners may employ cookies as well.

Using data.
We may use the data collected from for any lawful purpose. Specifically, we utilize the collected
data in the following ways:

  • We use it to establish and manage the Site and provide our services (Medicare, and Life
  • We use it to process transactions and provide information related to them, such as
    confirmations, receipts, and surveys regarding user experiences;
  • We will send you administrative and support messages, as well as any important security
    updates and technical notices;
  • Communicate with you about new content, products, services, and features offered by the
    Company and provide you with other news and information that we believe will be of interest to
  • Monitor and analyze trends, usage, and activities in connection with our Services;
  • Detect, investigate, and prevent security incidents and other malicious, deceptive, fraudulent, or
    illegal activity and protect the rights and property of the Company and others;
  • Debug in order to identify and repair errors in our Services;
  • Carry out any other purpose described to you at the time the information was collected;
  • As required by law to comply with subpoenas, court orders, discovery requests, lawsuits, or
    Data transfer and utilization
    We reserve the right to retain collected information for as long as necessary to fulfill the
    purposes for which it was gathered. We are not compelled to preserve your information on your
    behalf or on behalf of any third party once the primary purpose for which it was collected has
    passed. We may continue to utilize your information even after the original purpose for
    collecting it has passed. We do not sell your data, but we reserve the right to do so as permitted
    by state and federal law.

Disclosure of information and security

  • We share personal information with third-party service providers in order to facilitate service
  • We reserve the right to share personally identifiable information if we believe that doing so is
    in accordance with or required by any relevant law or legal procedure. This includes legal
    requests made by public agencies to address national security or law enforcement requirements.
    If we are required by law to disclose your personal information in response to a legal process, we
    will provide you with prior notice so that you may object to the disclosure, unless we believe that
    doing so would endanger others or lead to illegal activity and are therefore prohibited from doing
    so. If we believe a legal request for information about a user of our services was made in an
    improper manner, we will object to the request.
  • We may disclose your personally identifiable information if we have reason to believe that your
    actions violate our user agreements or policies, if we have reason to believe that you have
    violated the law, or if we have reason to believe that sharing this information is necessary to
    protect the rights, property, and safety of the Company, our users, the public, or others.
  • When required, we provide personal information to our attorneys and other professional
    advisers in order to obtain advice or in some other way to protect and manage our business
  • We may share personal information in business transactions such as during negotiations
    regarding any merger, sale of company assets, financing, or acquisition of all or a portion of our
    business by another company. We shall adopt methods to protect your information that are
    economically reasonable given the circumstances. We cannot, however, guarantee or verify the
    security of any information you supply. You must also maintain the privacy of your data.

Data Rights. You have the right to access your data, discover how it is being used, change it,
delete it, and at any time object to its use. You also have the right to regulate the use of your
data, file a legal complaint, and transfer your data.
Amendments. This privacy statement may be modified at any moment, with or without notice.
Due to the fact that your continued use of the Site after modifications have been made will bind
you to the new terms, you must stay informed of such updates.
Contacts. Please contacts us through any of the below channels:
 Address: 200 Haddonfield-Berlin Rd Suite 202 Gibbsboro NJ 08026
 Phone: (856)982-3402
 Email:

California Privacy Policy

In accordance with the California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA), which applies to California
Often referred to as Personally Identifiable Information (PII), Personal Information (PI) is a fact
about a person that, when combined with one or more additional facts about that person, enables
others to identify the specific individual to whom the facts apply. Sensitive Personal Information
(SPI), or “special categories of information,” is information that, if lost, compromised, or
disclosed, could cause a person severe harm, embarrassment, irritation, or unfairness.


  • You have the right to access any PI collected or stored about you. We shall provide you with a
    copy of your PII gathered in line with the CCPA/CPRA upon request. You also have the right to
    obtain your PI in a structured, industry-standard format that may be transferred to another
  • The categories of sources from which we may collect your PI; • The business purpose(s) for
    collecting or sharing your PI; • The categories of PI we may reveal for business purposes; and •
    The categories of third parties with whom we may share your PI.
  • The right to object / do not sell my personal information. The Company does not sell PI within
    the meaning of the CCPA and CPRA. You have the right under the CCPA/CPRA to regulate
    how your SPI is disclosed or shared with third parties.
  • The right of erasure. You have the right to request the erasure of your PI under certain
    conditions. After verifying the validity of a deletion request, we will delete your PII from our
    database and instruct any relevant service providers or third parties to do the same.
  • You may seek the correction of any inaccurate PI under defined conditions. After establishing
    the veracity of a verifiable consumer rectification request, we will take commercially reasonable
    steps to rectify your PI in accordance with your instructions, taking into account the type of your
    PI and the reasons why it is maintained.
    Please note that the aforementioned rights are not absolute, and we reserve the right to deny
    requests in whole or in part when exceptions are provided by applicable legislation.

Utilizing Your Legal Rights. You may exercise any of your rights stated in this Notice and
under applicable privacy laws if you are a California resident by contacting us using the
information provided in this Notice. We will not treat you differently for exercising these rights.
The exercise of your legal rights is free of charge, unless otherwise specified in this Notice or as
permitted by applicable privacy legislation. However, if your requests are manifestly unfounded
or excessive, particularly due to their repetitive nature, we reserve the right to:

  • Charge a reasonable fee to cover the administrative costs of providing the information or
    carrying out the requested action; or
  • Refuse to act on the request and notify you of the reason for the refusal.

Sensitive Personal Information (SPI). Moreover, we may collect or process SPI to fulfill your
orders, manage and operate our business, and satisfy with legal and regulatory regulations. You
may also supply or send us the following sensitive personal information: login and password,
identifying information, financial information for e.g. billing, information on your race, gender,
and affiliations such as religion, politics, and philosophy. We may collect SPI as needed by law,
for instance to prevent or detect illegal activity or fraud. The collection will occur with your
consent, in accordance with the law, in the public interest, and if you make the collection public.

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