Anyone who visits the website of the company (the “Site”) through any channel is considered a
“User,” or referred to as “You.” The Company is the entity being referred to by the pronouns
“Our,” “Us,” and “We” in these phrases. By making use of our services, you acknowledge that
you have understood and agree to abide by our Privacy Policy. If you access the Site, regardless
of whether or not you have an account with us, you are confirming that you have read,
comprehend, and agree to be bound by this Privacy Policy, and that you are of legal age to enter
into this agreement. If you disagree with any of these principles in any way, you should stop
using this website immediately. If you violate any of the terms and conditions of this Agreement,
we reserve the right to terminate it immediately.

Data Collection. We respect your privacy, Personal Identification Information (PII) is collected
through: Statistical data generated using the application, data provided by subscribing to the
application, and information collected during certain surveys to improve the user experience.
We may collect Personal Identification Information (PII), such as your full name and email
address, telephone number, address as well as Usage Data, such as your IP address, operating
system, and browsing history, from you. Since we do not intentionally collect information about
minors, we will make sure to remove any such data if we happen to come into possession of it by
accident. We may obtain information about you in one of the following ways: directly from you;
indirectly, through the information you supply to us; automatically, through techniques such as
cookies; or through third parties. When we ask you for information, you are obligated to provide
responses that are always accurate, up to date, and comprehensive.
You consent to receiving messages not only from us but also from other users. You hereby give
your express consent to receive marketing phone calls and text messages, including those
generated by automatic telephone dialing systems and including prerecorded messages, even if
the phone number you supply is on a national or local do-not-call register. You can however
utilize our products and services without having to give the afore-mentioned authorization. You
understand and agree that any and all phone conversations you have with us, as well as anybody
else to whom we may transmit your call, may be recorded and listened to in the future because of
concerns over quality, customer service, compliance, and regulations. Through the settings of
your account, you will have the ability to change certain aspects of your communication choices;
but you will not have the option to opt out of receiving administrative, transactional, or legal
messages from us.
You may be able to share your activity on the Services with other media if you take use of the
social sharing tools and other integrated technologies that are accessible through the Services,
such as Facebook. You have the choice of only sharing information with your friends or with the
whole public, depending on the settings you select with the company that provides the social
sharing option. By reviewing the privacy policies of the firms that are responsible for delivering
the functionalities that social sharing platforms facilitate, you will be able to gain additional
insight into the data collecting and processing procedures that are associated with these tools.
Cookies. A cookie is a piece of software that can be used to collect data, including information
about the user and how the user interacts with the website in question, as well as perhaps unique
identifiers. Cookies are information-gathering mechanisms that may collect data about you and
how you use the website. This data may include your Internet Protocol (IP) address, browser
type, search preferences, information about the advertisements you’ve seen or interacted with,
and the time and date of your use of the website. Cookies could be stored on the user’s computer

indefinitely or just for the time period of a single browsing session. The vast majority of online
browsers are set up to automatically accept cookies; however, this can be altered in the privacy
or security settings of the browser. You are under no obligation to accept them, but if you do so,
it may restrict the use of our services. They provide assistance in determining your browsing
activities, personalizing and optimizing the website depending on your preferences, and
safeguarding the security of your account by detecting irregularities in activity on the website. It
is possible that some of our advertising partners and other third-party service providers also use
Using data. We are at liberty to utilize the information obtained from for any legitimate reason.
To be more specific, we make use of the information collected in the following ways:
 For statistical analysis;
 To generate CO2 emission reports;
 To connect users;
 To notify you of any changes in this agreement;
 To establish and manage the Site and provide our services;
 To process transactions and provide information related to them, such as confirmations,
receipts, and surveys regarding user experiences;
 To send you administrative and support messages, as well as any important security
updates and technical notices;
 Communicate with you about new products and services that may be of interest to you;
 Process your requests for information
Data transport and use. We do reserve the right to keep any information obtained for as long as
is required to achieve the goals for which it was initially gathered. After the information has been
gathered and processed for the main purpose for which it was acquired, we are under no
obligation to keep any of your information for either you or any other third party. It is possible
that we will continue to use the information you provide even after the initial reason for
obtaining it has been fulfilled. We do not sell your data, but we retain the right to do so in the
event that it is legally permissible to do so.
Disclosure of confidential information and safety concerns. In order to support service
delivery, we transfer personal information to third-party service providers, and we share this
information with those providers. We will only disclose personally identifiable information if we
are of the opinion that doing so is in compliance with any applicable law or legal procedure, or if
we are required to do so by such a law or procedure. This comprises legal requests made by
public entities in order to satisfy needs pertaining to either national security or law enforcement.
Where permissible, we will provide you with prior notice in the event that the law requires us to
disclose your personal information in response to a legal process. This will allow you the
opportunity to object to the disclosure, unless we believe that doing so would put others in
danger or lead to illegal activity, in which case we are prohibited from doing so. We reserve the
right to raise an objection to a lawful request for information about a user of our services if we
believe the request was made in an improper manner.
If we have reason to believe that your actions violate our user agreements or policies, if we have
reason to believe that you have violated the law, or if we have reason to believe that sharing this
information is necessary to protect the rights, property, and safety of the Company, our users, the
public, or others, then we may disclose your personally identifiable information. When
necessary, we provide personal information to our attorneys and other professional advisers in
order to receive advice or in some other manner to safeguard and manage our business interests.
This is done so in order to comply with the law. We may disclose personally identifiable

information in the course of conducting commercial transactions, such as when we are
negotiating the terms of a merger, the sale of company assets, financing, or the acquisition of all
or a portion of our firm by another business. In order to secure the information, you have
provided to us, we are going to use measures that are commercially reasonable in light of the
circumstances. On the other hand, we are unable to guarantee or verify the security of any
information that you provide. Additionally, you are responsible for protecting the confidentiality
of your data.
The Right to Data. You have the legal right to access your data, find out how it is being used,
update it, delete it, and object to its use at any time. You also have the right to regulate how your
data is used, the ability to submit a legal complaint, and the right to transfer your data.
Amendments. The information contained in this privacy statement is subject to change at any
time, with or without prior notice. You are required to keep abreast of any relevant adjustments
in order to avoid being held legally accountable for violating the revised terms of service if you
continue to use the website after they have been implemented.
Contacts. We ask that you get in touch with us by one of the following methods:

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