NOTE: _______________________________________________________________________________
HOMEOWNER SIGNATURE: ___________________________ DATE: ___________________________
FIELD REP: ________________________________________ DATE: ___________________________
 Gutters North: ____________________
 Gutters East: ____________________
 Gutters West: ____________________
 Gutters South: ____________________
 Siding North: ___________________
 Siding East: ___________________
 Siding West: ___________________
 Siding South: ___________________
 Fascia North: ____________________
 Fascia East: ____________________
 Fascia West: ____________________
 Fascia South: ____________________
 Exterior North: ___________________
 Exterior East: ___________________
 Exterior West: ___________________
 Exterior South: ___________________
 Painting Kitchen: ____________________
 Painting Foyer: ____________________
 Painting Living: ____________________
 Painting Family:____________________
 Painting Bedroom M: ____________
 Painting Bedroom 1: ____________
 Painting Bedroom 2: ____________
 Painting Bedroom 3: ____________
Customer Name: __________________________ Address: _____________________________
1. __________ Our office staff works diligently to ensure that the replacement of your roof is scheduled and completed in a timely
manner. However, we cannot control external factors such as weather, material availability, or unexpected delays. We will keep you
informed of any changes to the schedule and work with you to find a suitable alternative date if necessary.
2. __________ Please be aware that during the project, there will be constant hammering which may cause noise disturbance. We
recommend that you plan accordingly and make necessary arrangements to minimize any inconvenience. It may also be helpful to
consider spending some time away from the house while the work is in progress.
3. __________ Please ensure that all children and/or pets are kept at a safe distance from the work area at all times. This will help to
prevent any potential accidents or injuries during the roofing project. We recommend that you make arrangements for children and/or
pets to be kept indoors or away from the property until the project is completed.
4. __________ Please remove all loose items from shelves and walls, such as pictures, mirrors, and plates, as hammering may create
vibrations that could cause these items to fall off. It is recommended to pack and store these items in a safe location until the project
is complete.
5. __________ Please remove or secure all items from the area around the exterior where debris might fall (such as patio/pool furniture,
grills, potted plants, vehicles, boats, bikes, etc.) to prevent any damage or harm. It is particularly important to move or protect any
items with valuable finishes.
6. __________ While Shekinah Contracting, LLC will take reasonable steps to minimize any damage caused during the roof replacement,
it is possible that normal vibrations may cause minor blemishes to plaster or drywall. SHEKINAH is not responsible for such damages,
but will make reasonable efforts to repair any damages caused by its workmanship.
7. __________ We take every reasonable precaution to protect your plants, trees, and shrubs. However, falling debris during the roofing
project may cause some leaves or blooms to be knocked off, particularly on steep roofs, which is beyond our control. We recommend
that you trim back any overhanging branches or limbs before the start of the project.
8. __________ Access to your driveway is necessary for loading and unloading materials, as well as for debris removal and clean-up.
Please be aware that due to the age or condition of your driveway, cracking may occur, which is beyond our control. We will take
every precaution to minimize any potential damage.
9. __________ Shekinah Contracting, LLC is not responsible for any pre-existing structural issues or defects of your home, including but
not limited to uneven rafters or bowed sheeting. Any necessary repairs or modifications to the existing structure will be the
responsibility of the homeowner and will be addressed prior to commencing work.
10. __________ Additional charges of $55 per sheet will apply if new decking is required for the roofing project.
11. __________ Shekinah Contracting, LLC is not responsible for any pre-existing damage, nail pops, or cracks that were not noted in the
materials specification sheet or covered by the insurance claim.
12. __________ While we take every precaution to prevent damage to siding, gutters, and any reset items, there may be instances where
damage is unavoidable, especially on very steep roofs or if there are any areas with rot or rust.
13. __________ Please use caution when walking in and around the work area, especially if you have pets or children. We recommend
that you do a final walk-through with our crew leader to ensure all debris has been removed to your satisfaction. If you find any nails
or debris after the final walk-through, please contact us immediately and we will send a crew to address the issue.
14. __________ Skylights that are not replaced during the roof replacement may experience seal failure leading to leaks after the
completion of the roof replacement. Please note that this is an inherent risk that cannot be avoided and is not covered by the 5-year
craftsmanship warranty. It is strongly recommended to replace skylights during a full roof replacement to minimize this risk.
15. __________ Please note that Shekinah Contracting, LLC is not responsible for leaks or water infiltration that may occur through cracks
or openings in mortar joints, brick, or mortar caps of either stone or brick chimneys or any brick wall above the roof line. Such leaks
or water infiltration are beyond the control of Shekinah Contracting, LLC and are not covered under the 5-year craftsmanship warranty.
16. __________ For the installation or replacement of power attic fans, the customer is responsible for connecting the wiring. Shekinah
Contracting, LLC is not qualified to perform electrical work and therefore cannot connect wiring due to insurance liability reasons.
17. __________ If you have a satellite dish installed on the roof, we will make every effort to reposition it to its original location. However,
we cannot guarantee that there will be no reception issues that may arise due to the repositioning of the dish. It is your responsibility
to contact your satellite provider to adjust the dish for optimal reception.
The entire Shekinah Contracting, LLC team will work together to make this process run as smoothly as possible with the least amount of
Inconvenience to you and your family or business.
We thank you in advance for your patience and understanding
My Field Supervisor ________________ has conducted a pre-construction evaluation and has explained the construction process that will take
place at my property.
Acknowledgement by Customer _____________________ DATE: _______________________
Brand/style of shingle: _______________________________
☐ 3 Tab ☐Architectural Color: ___________________
Pitch: _______ Story(s): ______ Tear Off ☐ Yes ☐ No
Valley Options:
☐ Closed Valley (Architectural-recommended by manufacture)
☐ Woven Valley (3-Tab only)
☐ Starter Shingles on all edges
☐ Ice & Water Barrier: ______ ☐ Replace Pipe Collars: _____
☐ Vents, type/qty/color:_____ ☐ Ridge Vent : _______
☐ Step & counter flashing, color: ______
☐ Wood Replacement, if incurred additional $ ________ sheet/ if
☐ Skylights: Reflash/qty:____________ Replace/qty: _________
☐Vaulted Ceilings ☐ Open Cornice
☐ Completely clean up and haul off old shingles and work debris
Special instructions / other: ______________________________
Brand/Style of siding: ___________________________________
Size: _________________ Color: __________________________
Fascia: _________ if W/Wraps: _____ ea _____ color smooth PVS
Soffit: Vented Non-Vented IF/Color : _____________________
Vents: ________________ ☐ House Wrap ☐ Foam Board
Special Instructions/Other: _______________________________
Gutters: ☐ 5” ☐ 6” ☐ Replace All ☐ Others _______
Downs: ☐2”X 3” ☐3” X 4” ☐ Replace All ☐ Others _______
Color:___________________ Gutter Screens: ______________
Leaks: ☐ Yes ☐ No.
Interior Damage: ☐ Yes ☐ No.
Existing Driveway Damage: ☐ Yes ☐ No.
Completed Emergency Repairs: ☐ Yes ☐ No.
Date: _________________
Customer: ____________________________________________
Address: ______________________________________________
City/ State: _______________________ Zip: _________________
Home Ph: ____________________ Cell Ph: ___________________
Email Address: __________________________________________
Insurance Company: ______________________________________
Claim Number: __________________________________________
Deductible $ _____________
Deposit $ _____________
The deposit for this project is due upon roof of completion
Total (before supplements) $______________
Total (after supplements) $ ______________
Item: ___________________________________________________
Qty: _____________________ $Per: __________
Total upgrade Amount $______________
Item: ___________________________________________________
Qty: _____________________ $Per: __________
Total upgrade Amount $______________
Upgrade Authorization:
Customer Signature: _______________________________________
Final cost of the project will be determined by the work needed to
completed repairs in accordance with building codes using Xactimate
pricing software which will include overhead and profit.
Homeowner is responsible for their deductible, optional upgrades, and
any code relate item not covered by their policy.
Company’s limited Warranty: 5 Year Craftsmanship Warranty on Full
Replacements contracts only, effective date of completion. No warranty
exists until contract is paid in FULL.
By signing below, customer hereby agrees to all terms and conditions on
the reverse side of this Agreement and understands that such Terms and
Conditions are binding on the Parties,
Customer Signature: _______________________ Date: ______________
Field Supervisor: __________________________ Date: ______________
Managements Approval: ___________________ Date: ______________

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