November 23, 2023


This Agreement is made on this _______ day of ________ 2023 by and between
____________________ (hereinafter referred to as the “Photographer”) the
photographer herein and __________________ (hereinafter referred to as the “Owner”)
the owner of the Studio known as ___________________.
Together referred to as “parties”.
The parties herein agree to be legally bound by the following terms; –
1. Purpose.
The Photographer herein works in the above mentioned studio with another
Photographer who owns the said studio.
2. Payment.
Parties herein agree that if the Photographer finds his own work, he will have to pay the
studio fees agreed at __________.
However, if the studio finds its own work, it will get 20-30% of the charge depending on
the job.
Parties agree that the Photographer has the right to see the estimate and be involved in
what job he finds to make sure he get the proper pay, fee and usage rights.
3. Term.
This agreement shall be binding from the date of signing hereof “Effective date” until
terminated in accordance with the provisions of this agreement.
4. Confidentiality.
Parties herein agree that any information obtained from the performance of the services
in this agreement that relate to the business, shall be deemed confidential, and the
same will not be shared with any third parties without the other party’s prior written
5. Marketing.
Both parties agree that the photographer reserves the right to use images created under
this contract for advertising, display, publication, or other purposes on his website.
6. Governing Law.

Parties agree that the terms and provisions herein shall be governed and construed in
accordance with the laws of St. Louis, Missouri.
7. Termination.
Either party herein may terminate this agreement in the event the other party does not
adhere to these terms of the agreement after signing or introducing extra pay other then
what was discussed and agreed.
8. Dispute Resolution.
The parties herein agree that in the event of a dispute arising from the terms and
conditions herein, it shall be mutually negotiated in good faith.
9. Force Majeure.
In the event either party cannot perform its obligation/duties stipulated under this
agreement, due to fire or other casualties, strike, an act of God, or other cause beyond
the control of the parties, then it shall not be deemed as their fault.
10. Severability.
In the event any provision in this agreement is deemed invalid or unenforceable by a
court of competent jurisdiction, the same shall be severed from the agreement and the
remaining provisions shall continue in existence and apply in full force and effect as if
the unenforceable provisions were not part of the agreement.
11. Assignment.
Parties herein agree that the terms and responsibilities under this agreement shall not
be assigned to other third parties without the written permission of the other party.
12. Entire Agreement.
This agreement and the terms herein contain the complete understanding between the
parties and supersede any prior written or oral agreements, promises, or undertakings.
Any modifications or changes must be done in writing and signed by both parties.

WHEREAS the parties have signed this agreement on the date signed herein below; –


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