I, __________________ hereby grand and authorize Bisonabiso, the right to take, edit, alter, copy, publish or make use of my photos, pictures and videos in a lawful purpose.

The authorization shall be for the publication made on for stories highlighting Africans in the diaspora focusing on the Congolese.

The authorization shall extend indefinitely, unless I request for the Bisonabiso to cease from further use of my photos, pictures and/or videos.

Bisonabiso agrees to grant me the right to inspect the photos, pictures and/or videos before approving the final product that can be published.

I acknowledge that I have been compensated by Bisonabiso for the use of my likeness or I have agreed for my likeness to be used without any compensation. I waive any and all right to royalties arising and/or related to the use of my likeness.

Bisonabiso shall own all the proprietary rights to all the pictures, photos and/or videos containing my likeness.

DATE: __________________

NAME: _____________________________         SIGNATURE: _________________________

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