[insert name]  Plaintiff,  vs. Charmaine Colstone Defendant(s)))))))))))  Case No.   PETITIONER’S ANNEXURE 1  


Ms. Colstone has caused me to have sleepless and frustrated nights. The reason being that she has illegally and fraudulently obtained title to my motor vehicle registration number [insert registration number] using forged title. Consequently, she assumed possession. Upon discover of the unlawful acquisition of my motor vehicle, I proceeded to notify the police and charges were brought against her in case#2021-00123665 Calcasieu parish Lake Charles, La.

It later came to my attention that Ms. Colstone had taken out a life insurance policy on me using forged papers and without my prior consent. Under the insurance policy I am listed as her spouse, yet I am not and have never been married to Ms. Colstone.

Recently, it has come to my attention that Ms. Colstone has been making frequent passes by my mother’s and grandmother’s house seeking to confirm my presence in the area. The only reason the pass-bys were discovered is because she has been using my motor vehicle which she fraudulently acquired and took possession of.

Also, recently Ms. Colstone has also attempted to press charges against me claiming false allegations of exposure to internet porn. Quite contrary to Ms. Colstone’s allegations, I am in fact the victim as I have been frequently received unsolicited photos portraying the Ms. Colstone in the nude or showing specific areas of the naked body.

I am not at peace and I fear that she is serious about her threats considering that there is a life insurance policy registered in my name. While in New Jersey, I managed to obtain a temporary restraining order against her. However, now that I am in Louisiana, I now beseech this court to grant me the protection that I very much need by allowing and issuing protection orders sought against Ms. Colstone.

Dated _____________________  

Submitted by ______________________

[insert name]

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