Hairstylist. The Hairstylist will be charged $ 4.99 a fixed transaction fee for each order. And the hairdressers will get paid weekly via direct deposit with the platform stripe.

Customers. All customers will be charged $ 24.99 for each reservation.

( $ 20 for the hairstylist and $ 4.99 for the platform)


Hairstylist. If the hairstylist does not confirm/decline 24 hours before, My Afro Hair will refund the customer the full amount. If the hairstylist cancels the appointment, My Afro Hair will refund $ 24.99 to the Customer.

Customers. If the appointment is approved by the hairstylist and the customer cancel the appointment 24 hours before the appointment, My Afro Hair will charge $ 24.99. If the Customer does not honor the appointment, he/she will not be qualify for a refund.

We may refund to Customers irrespective of whether a customer has requested funds to be refunded if:

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