I, __________________, Contact Info: ______________, the parent/guardian of ___________, Aged _______ Years, (herein in referred to as “Minor”) hereby grant and authorize HEART Education, Contact Info: _____________the right to take, edit, alter, copy, make use or publish photos, videos, voice recording of the Minor on HEART Education’s internal and external communications platform in a lawful manner and purpose. Whereas, internal communication shall include parent communication, internal email campaign, while communication shall include social media, the Heart Education Website and Marketing materials.

I acknowledge that the users on these communication platforms are current and prospective parents, staff and audiences interested in HEART Education.

I acknowledge and I am aware that when the content containing the Minor’s likeness and voice is published on websites and social media channels, it can be linked to third parties and Search engines may also cache or retain copies of published information for a number of years.

The authorization shall extend indefinitely, unless I request for HEART Education to cease from further use of the Minor’s likeness and/or voice before the content is published on their website.

I acknowledge that I have agreed for the Minor’s likeness and/or voice to be used without any compensation. I waive any and all right to royalties arising and/or related to the use of the Minor’s likeness and/or voice.

I agree that in the event of disputes, HEART Education and I shall use arbitration to solve the matters. This release form is governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Australia. Exclusive jurisdiction and venue shall be in Australia.

I represent that I am at least eighteen (18) years of age and I am fully competent to sign this Release Form.

I have carefully read and I understand the provisions in this Parental General Permission/Release Form and I freely, knowingly and voluntarily sign;

DATE: __________________

CHILD’S NAME: _______________________    DATE OF BIRTH: _____________________

PARENT’S/GUARDIAN’S NAME: _____________________ SIGNATURE: ___________

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