I am pleased to offer our sleep coaching services on the following terms and conditions:

  • Scope of the services offered

Each family has different needs, which is why I offer multiple programs and even a custom option, to ensure that all of your needs are met. Before signing this contract, you must choose at least one of the following packages. 

Good Night Plan – $5500

  • Most comprehensive plan
  • Ideal for first time parents
  • Younger babies, and multiples
  • 72 hours of in-home guidance
Sleep Tight Plan – $4500

  • Most popular option
  • Ideal for older babies and parents who are more confident with sleep
  • 48 hours of in-home guidance.
Toddler Plan – $4500

  • For toddlers in beds
  • Teaches your child to fall asleep independently and stay there until morning
  • 48 hours of in-home guidance OR 3 consecutive night.


____________________   _______________________               _______________________


Custom plans available upon request. Hourly rate is $75 with an 8-hour minimum.




  • Consultancy Fees 

Immediately upon executing this contract, you shall make full payment of the agreed consultancy fees by way of cash or cheque.  


  • Conditions 
    1. I reserve the right to terminate or reschedule any coaching shifts in cases of illness or communicable conditions including vomiting, diarrhea, strep throat, chicken pox, head lice, bed bugs, or other highly communicable condition. 


  1.  If I am unable to attend a scheduled shift due to unforeseen circumstances, (illness, emergency, or accident within my family), or the need to join a client in labor, I will provide a backup coach or reschedule my contracted shift.


  1. While providing overnight services, I am permitted to sleep or rest when the baby/babies is (are) asleep. In this regard, you shall provide me with a suitable resting place.  


  1. This contract is for sleep consultation services for the period and terms agreed above and no more. Any follow-up packages shall be subject to this contract or to further agreement between us. 


  • Acts of God
    1. I shall be excused from any delay or failure in performing my obligations as a sleep consultant if such delay or failure is caused by reason of acts of God such as fire, earthquakes, floods, explosions or other acts of nature.  In case of such occurrences, you will only be required to pay fees for the time actually spent sleep consulting. 


  • Term/Termination of the contract
    1. The term/period of this contract shall depend on the package you have chosen in Clause 1 above. 


  1. You are entitled to cancel this agreement, for any reason, by giving me a written notice at least five (5) days before your scheduled consultation. If any services are canceled after payment has been made, refunds are limited to unearned fees, less a $75 processing fee. 


  1. This contract shall automatically terminate one (1) week after I have performed all my consultancy obligations. 


  • Dispute resolution
      1. Any dispute, difference or question which may arise between the client and the coach shall be resolved amicably.
  • Entire Agreement/amendments

This contract represents the complete agreement between us. As such, any changes or modifications to the contract can only be made by a mutual agreement of the parties in writing. 


Signed by:

Client __________________________________________ Date _________________


Printed Name__________________________________________________________


Client Address_________________________________________________________


Sleep Coach _____________________________________ Date _________________


WiFi Passwor___________________________________________________________


I give permission                       I do not give permission

to take photographs while providing support services to be used on:

website           advertisements     Facebook or blog.

With or Without

identifying information such as first name or age.

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