, I am writing to you for assistance with modifications/amendments that I would like for a contract agreement. The contract agreement would be with an agent who will represent me to find employment. However, the contract agreement that he shared with me has some areas in that I would like to propose some modifications/amendments based on your legal advice/expertise. In my opinion, there are areas that are not clear in the agreement and some areas that need some additional language to ensure my rights are protected too. I have conducted some research and have an example/sample of a contract agreement that has language that appears to be fair/consistent with regard to equal rights being taken into consideration. However, you are the legal expert so I will need your guidance to make sure this document is perfect. Is this something that you can assist me with

Please see the attached agreement, I have highlighted specific sections with comments and there are definitely areas that I am not familiar with which will need to be included/addressed to ensure the agreement works for both parties.

How will you address the areas that need to be amended? In your professional opinion, what is the process once you make the amendments will the agent accept them or how does this part of the process work? Do you site specific legal clauses or language to support the amendments?Please review the attached OTA agreement shared with you in its entirety and make the appropriate amendments to ensure that my rights are protected in this process. There are several areas that are very vague/broad and other areas that appear to be left out/missing from this agreement that would be beneficial to me.

Anxiously, awaiting your guidance, expertise, and support with making the appropriate revisions/amendments.

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