Project: ________________________________________ 

Client Name: ____________________________________ 

Email: ________________________________________ 

Phone number:  ________________________________

  1. Scope of Work.

The parties agree that the following includes the services to be provided by the Organizer; 

  1. ………………………………
  2. ……………………………..

The parties agree that the Client will leave or remain in the house during the service performance, but the Client must not be in the room of service unless requested.

The Client agrees to remove or contain any dog, cat, or pets for the duration of the service. No pets are allowed in the area during the process.

  1. Timelines.

The parties agree that the Organizer will estimate the time taken for each project. The final computation of time taken for the project will be used for charging.

  1. Products and Orders.

All orders for containment and product for the Client are shipped directly to the Organizer for inspection and brought to the Client’s home the day of service. The product is shipped to the Client for virtual orders, and the Client needs to self-inspect the product.

If any product is no longer desired after service is completed, it is up to the Client to return it online or in person.

  1. Payment Terms and Fees.

The payment will consider the time used to plan, design, order, and track the project, which will be calculated in a final invoice.

The Client is aware that the final invoice reflects the total time invested in the project.

Parties agree that the Organizer will require additional teammates to complete the task for large-scope projects. This will require double or triple the fee to expedite it promptly. Extra fees might include: 

  1. Personal shopping fee (for in-person product selection and online product selection) 
  2. Other unique additions specified by Organizer

Payment is due upon completion of service.

Payment is required via Venmo or cash. If payment is via Venmo, the payment must only be listed as ‘Private’ versus ‘Public.’ This ensures the Client and the Organizer’s privacy as each space are unique. 

Party’s agree that In-person and virtual consultation fees are charged to keep the standing appointment. This fee is deducted upon completion of the job, and this is a non-refundable fee if the Client cancels, does not show up, or decides not to continue with the service.

  1. Confidentiality.

The parties agree that during the performance of the services herein, confidential information may be shared or seen, which shall not be disclosed to any third parties without the prior written consent of the other party.

The Client shall not share any comments publicly, on social media, or any other spaces, that are critical, unkind, defamatory of ClutterFree PHD or anyone working for ClutterFree PHD. 

The Client cannot share the amount charged for their space as each space is unique.

The Client is given the option to allow their before/after pictures to be posted on Instagram or Facebook. If the Client prefers to keep the project private, that is permitted.

The breach of the terms mentioned above shall be enforced through legal action.

  1. Guarantees.

The Organizer guarantees that all works will be completed within the time frame established in the contract. If the project has to be delayed or interrupted due to the Client’s constraints, parties will discuss new time frames, but that should not affect the contract fees.

  1. Liability.

The parties herein agree that the Organizer and its employees are not liable for any loss due to damage to property, self, or disposition of items. The Client retains full responsibility unless gross negligence or intentional damage has been proven.

  1. Termination.

The parties herein will maintain Professional & polite communication is required, and if that is not reciprocated, the Organizer has permission to terminate services herein.

  1. Safety.

The Client agrees to inform the Organizer of any health or hazardous issues that anyone in the home is diagnosed less than a month that may affect the safety of the Organizer or its team. 

The parties herein have agreed to be bound by the terms above stated by signing herein below; –

The Client: ___________________________________

Signature: ___________________________________

Date: _______________________________________

The Organizer: __________________________________

Signature: ______________________________________

Date: __________________________________________

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