May it please the court your Honour,

My name is Leslie Watson, the Plaintiff in this action.

Your Honour, this is a case of unjust enrichment.

A parent strives to give their best for the benefit of their children. They struggle so that their children will inherit not only good morals and character, but also the property and assets of their parents, in whatever shape or form they may take. To this end, the parent will shed their blood, sweat and tears to ensure their children are taken care of in the parent’s lifetime and after the parent has passed on. Jack Herom and Elizabeth Watson, are no exception to this rule.

Jack and Elizabeth, a happily married couple, wished nothing but the best for their daughters, Leslie Watson and Abigail Herom (formerly known as Gail Watson). The two worked hard and acquired various assets including a fully purchased 3-bedroom home situated at 105 Anne Boulevard, Milton Ontario. Notwithstanding that Jack was a step-father to Leslie and Abigail, he loved them as if they were his own. Soon, he and his wife jointly and willingly executed a last will and testament intending both daughters to be their beneficiaries. On August 30, 2011, Elizabeth died and was survived by Jack and their two daughters.

Now pursuant to the jointly executed will, should either spouse predecease the other, the surviving spouse was tasked with preserving the joint estate for their daughters to inherit. Jack kept true to his word and honoured his wife’s wishes.

Sometimes in 2012, Abigail sought refuge in Jack’s home claiming she had no money desperately needed accommodation. Jack being the loving father he was, warmly invited Abigail into the home and provided her with accommodation where she remained until Jack’s death. It is at this point that everything changed in a careful and meticulous plan by the Defendant to disinherit her own sister of their parents’ estate.

Your Honour, the evidence that I will present before this court shall demonstrate that the Defendant knowingly and willingly: –

  1. isolated the late Jack Herom from his close friends and family, including his daughter Leslie Watson and granddaughter Jenna;
  2. changed her name from Gail Watson to Abigail Herom in order to disassociate herself with Leslie Watson and present herself as the sole heir to Jack Herom who had never sired any children.
  3. Tendered false information thereby influencing Jack’s decisions;
  4. Encouraged Jack to be heavily intoxicated thereby skewing Jacks’ judgment.
  5. Influenced Jack to execute a last will and testament whereby Abigail Herom is the sole beneficiary of the estate of Jack Herom.
  6. Failed to inform Leslie Watson that her father that her father Jack Herom had died on October 11, 2018.
  7. Tendered false information in a court of law stating that there is no other person entitled to an interest of the estate of Jack Herom despite knowing Leslie Watson is alive and well.

At the end of evidence, the court will be convinced of unjust enrichment by Abigail herom and award the prayers sought against the Defendant.

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