DATE: ___ September 2019

TO: Jennifer DeCima

FROM: Erica DeCima

Dear Madam,


Reference is made to the above, and I hence strictly, mandatorily and firmly write to you and demand as hereunder expressed:

THAT FACTS well within your knowledge is that I am an author under the pen name America DeFleux and that I have successfully published a memoir available on Amazon. That on or about the 26th September 2018, you made malicious, defaming and very negative reviews of my books and publication on Amazon. This was made with the aim to attack me at both the professional and personal level. [Screenshots of this Attached].

THAT you have on several separate occasions made personal remarks about my character and reputation, my artistic works through my novel and memoir about my life as a child in the foster care system to discredit my person and my story.

THAT you constant attacks on my person and my works is reflecting untold negativity in my life both personally as it causes anxiety attacks, it has caused my relationship with my husband, who happens to be your brother, to be strained because of the fact that he is constantly caught between his wife and his sister. Furthermore, your malicious attacks at my artistic works and the constant negative reviews and online bullying is causing the public to question my works. Consequently, I am losing my audience because of you.

THAT I have made an official report with the police about this matter for hate crime and cybercrime. Also note that I have made an official report of your negative reviews to Amazon.

IN THE TERMS OF MY DEMANDS, I hereby demand that you immediately cease and desist from attacking me maliciously online and offline that you desist from publishing defaming, misleading reviews about me or my book and that you delete all the defaming, slander, libel, malicious or any other related material you have posted or published online about me and or my work.

TAKE NOTICE unless you immediately cease and desist from bullying me and you don’t delete the content herein mentioned within TEN (10) days from the date hereof, I shall institute legal  proceedings to recover for infringement of my rights and sum amount against you at your own risk as to costs and other concomitant consequences flowing therefrom.




Erica DeCima.

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