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[Insert Date]


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Dear Sir,


I hope this letter finds you well. Four years ago, I allowed you to stay on my property located at [Insert Address, State & ZIP Code]. During the first two years of your stay on the property, you paid rent without any trouble. However, you have not been paying rent for the past two years.

This letter shall act as a 60-day notice to vacate the property, including removing your trailer from the property. The time shall begin to run from the date of this letter. I would like to develop my property and continue living on it. In addition, the property incurs utility charges while you continue living on it, yet you have refused to pay them. As a result, they end up in my name.

As at the date if this letter, the utility charges incurred amounted to $3,100 and keep increasing with each day you continue staying on the property. This is a notice that you MUST pay the utility charges in full within 60 days of this letter.

If you fail to comply with this notice within 60 days, I will proceed to seek legal and equitable remedies available to me in a court of competent jurisdiction. At this time, I am not taking any legal action or filing a lawsuit as I believe we can resolve this issue amicably.

Please note that this letter does not act as a waiver of any rights I may have had in the past, have now, or may have in the future.



Yours Sincerely,






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