April 16, 2023


PARTIES. Contractor Secure Agent Marketing Contact Info: ____________________________

                  Client America’s Insurance Advisorys Contact Info: __________________________

This is to notify you that as of the ___ Day of _____ 2021, we shall no longer be in contract with you as per the terms of our existing Agreement (Find attached copy of the same). The following are the reasons of the termination/cancellation of the Agreement:

  1. You have failed to set up Ad and marketing campaigns for me on Instagram, YouTube or LinkedIn.
  2. The automated lead nurturing for client email is yet to be fixed even after client’s request dated May 12th 2020.
  3. No monthly strategy session has been made besides the initial on boarding.
  4. I am yet to receive monthly reports since the Agreement was effected.

The Service Agreement between us was for 12 months and should expire on the ____ Day of ___ 20___. Please use this letter as notification to cancel.

And kindly note that I have made payments worth ____________ Dollars of the date indicated herein, for services I have not received. I hereby demand a full refund of all the payments made.

Kindly flee free to contact me with any issues pertaining this Notice of Termination of Agreement.

Yours truly,


America’s Insurance Advisory

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