Jadaya Chumbris
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Dear Sir or Madam,

I was in a relationship with Mr. Harper for well over nine years. Mr. Harper was abusive
towards me throughout the duration of our relationship. Our relationship was characterized by
violence that was meted out on me by Mr. Harper. In 2018, Mr. Harper asked me to stay with
him in Arizona as he was trying to pursue his HVAC career. While living with him, I got pregnant
and he forced me to get an abortion.
One day, Mr. Harper physically abused me and I got a black eye. I proceeded to file a
police report. Before the trial date, Mr. Harper convinced me to drop the charges by not showing
up in court. After that, I decided to detach myself from Mr. Harper and went to live on my own.
He knew that I have a history of abuse and he took advantage of that.
Before Mr. Harper and I split up, he had held a gun to my head and then moved out of
his apartment, leaving the lease to his mother and I. Mr. Harper also left his dog that serves as
my emotional support animal to help me deal with the trauma and post-partum depression from
the abortion.
As a result of the abuse I endured while in a relationship with Mr. Harper, I developed
post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and battered woman syndrome, mental health issues that
I did not have before I was in a relationship with Mr. Harper. I still have flashbacks of Mr. Harper
abusing me physically and verbally.
Mr. Harper had some of our explicit pictures and videos on his laptop iCloud. [Girlfriend’s
Name], Mr. Harper’s current girlfriend, came across them and reached out to me to inform me

that she had come across them and that she was going to post them on her Snapchat account
and sell them. I filed a defamation of character claim against Mr. Harper and [Girlfriend’s
Name]. As at the time of sending this letter, Mr. Harper had filed an application for me to pay his
attorney’s fees in this action.
[Girlfriend’s Name] continues to message me via Facebook and Instagram despite the
fact that I have moved on with my life and I want nothing to do with her and Mr. Harper. From
the messages, it was clear that [Girlfriend’s Name] was acting under instruction from Mr.
Harper. I asked [Girlfriend’s Name] to stop harassing me but she did not stop. I sent Mr. Harper
an email and asked him to ask his girlfriend to stop stalking and harassing me.
[Girlfriend’s Name] and other person(s) acting under Mr. Harper’s instructions have
continued to stalk me and my clients on social media. Their actions have caused a detrimental
effect to my business.
This letter shall act as notice to Mr. Harper, his girlfriend as well as other persons
stalking me under Mr. Harper’s instruction to stop their stalking, harassment and unwanted
conduct. I intend to pursue my present legal rights as well as future legal and equitable
remedies if they don’t stop their actions.
I am ready to appear virtually or in person to provide any information or clarify anything.
Thank you for taking the time to read this letter. I hope to receive a positive response from you.

Yours Sincerely,

Jadaya Chumbris

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