Katherine Sosa
8211 Cool Spring Ct Indian Land, SC 29707

RE; Notice of Intent to File Lawsuit
Dear Katherine Sosa,
The above matter refers.
This letter is to serve as a demand to you, which I thus make, that you cease and desist from
defaming James Seidel and Grayson & Mae, LLC immediately. The subject defamation
comprises of statements by you in 2020 to 2022, against James Seidel and Carolina Meat & Fish
Co, aka Grayson & Mae, LLC. These statements have been malicious, erroneous and baseless
which are detrimental both personally and professionally. Stand guided that it is against the law
for an individual to make statements with the intent to damage another person’s reputation
without factual evidence or based on hearsay.
This defamation has been spread, in part, through written and verbal means to numerous persons
including but not limited to Justin LaFrancois and other reporters at the Queen City Nerve, an
online and local news and opinion paper. Although you made the statements at Queen City
Nerve anonymously, we unearthed that you were the source. Grayson & Mae, LLC has
ascertained four (4) legally sworn statements from current and former employees that show that
your statements at Queen City Nerve were false.
In line with reaching a settlement herein, you are required to desist from further defamation, and
to undertake this in writing, in addition to undertaking to retract prior defamatory statements that
you have already made.
If you do not comply with this demand letter, you will be subject to legal action in which
among others financial damages for the defamation and the subsequent emotional damage
experienced will be sought. This will include but not be limited to $250,000 in civil damages
and $250,000 in punitive damages.

Yours sincerely,

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