Non-Disclosure Agreement.

Non-Disclosure Agreement.

As the recipient you are not allowed to use or share any information about the system or its code to any authorized persons without written consent from the Owner. You cannot duplicate or copy any part of tangible materials given to you.

You as the recipient may share any information about the system if such information was already known by the public, you knew of such information before signing the Agreement, you obtained the said information from a 3rd party without violating the Agreement or any information about the Fuel and the Athena Bot. and you can share the information on a need-to-know basis if such is needed for the purpose of the business contract between the parties.

You are required to notify the Owner if you notice disclosure of the protect information by any of your personnel. You may at the Company’s request be required to return all written copies of the information to the Company, however this shall not relieve you of your obligations under the NDA.

In the event that the confidential information is “leaked” you shall be held responsible under Clause 6. Under Clause 10, the Company may sue you for damages in the event that you as the recipient and your personnel discloses the information. Additionally, Clause 17 you shall be held responsible for any and all irreparable harm caused to the Company in the event that you, your personnel or representatives discloses any of the confidential information made available to you.

Under Clause 22, you as the recipient shall not produce any competing products as those owned by the company. This means all your side projects should not produce any products that are similar to, offer similar services as those covered under the NDA. This limits your association with Fuel and Athena Bot.


The NDA is legally well drafted to protect the interests of all parties. However I’d advice that you consider the provisions of Clause 22, either have it entirely struck out or changing the wording to allow for the inclusion and protection of your work with Fuel and Athena Bot.

Independent contractor agreement.

It meets all the legal requirements that protect both parties’ interests. Nothing suspicious or to be concerned about.

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