February 21, 2024


Public Estimator’s License [insert license number]



New Lion King Roofing, or its representatives are hereby retained to advise and assist   in    the estimation    of    the    insurance    claim    arising    from    the    loss by        which occurred on the _____________________day of __________________20_____

The insured property owner, __________________________________________________________________

Policy # _______________________________________, Claim # _____________________________________

Located at, ___________________________________________________, TX ________________________, agrees to pay for such services upon payment of the claim by the insurance company in the settlement of this loss. The insured authorizes and directs the insurer to copy New Lion King Roofing. with all information pertaining to this claim including; a certified copy of the policy, the declaration page, all underwriting documents and photos, all prior claim documents and photos, all prepared estimates and photos, the final scope, and all correspondence both written and verbal notes within 15 calendar days of the date of this letter. Please send notice of acknowledgement of this letter via email or mail to New Lion King Roofing’s office located at the address listed below.

The insured authorizes and directs the insurer to include New Lion King Roofing, in addition to the insured’s name, on all drafts or checks pertaining to this claim. All payments and/or any information pertaining to this claim as of the date on this Letter of Representation must be mailed to Accurate Public Estimators Inc.’s office located at the address listed below.

The insured acknowledges receiving and signing New Lion King Roofing’s, Public Insurance Estimator Contract (“Contract”).


Name of Insurance Company: _________________________________________________________________

Property Owner Signature: _________________________________________ Date: _____________________

Phone: ______________________________________

Public Estimator: ________________________________________________ Date:  _____________________


Public Estimator’s Signature: __________________________________









Public Estimator’s License [insert license number]



The Insured, ____________________________________________________, hereby retains NEW LION KING ROOFING. to assist in the preparation, presentation and estimation of all applicable claims for the loss or damage caused by _________________________________________________, sustained at ________________________________________________________ occurring on or about 20_____.


The Insured agrees to pay and hereby assign TEN percent (10%) contingent fee (“Fee”) to NEW LION KING ROOFING, upon completion of the estimate and approval by the insurer on any and each portion of the claim. Under any method of compensation, the total amount paid to the public estimator, the Fee, shall not exceed ten percent (10%) of the total estimated cost of repair or replacement of damaged property. NEW LION KING ROOFING will not charge expenses other than the Fee without prior approval. Should the services of experts be needed such as an engineer, architect, accountant, or appraiser, NEW LION KING ROOFING shall designate such expert subject to Insured’s approval of costs in advance. NEW LION KING ROOFING Fee shall be paid first, before any expenses or lienholder. This agreement is enforceable and NEW LION KING ROOFING is entitled to its Fee and any approved costs, even if litigation is required to recover payments from the insurance company. Fees and costs are due as monies are received by the insured. Any and all disputes arising under this agreement shall be settled via binding arbitration using the American Arbitration Association. Venue shall be Harris County, Texas and judgment may be entered in any court therein. In consideration for professional services, the Insured hereby unconditionally assigns to NEW LION KING ROOFING, and conveys a lien on, that portion of the insurance proceeds sufficient to pay the amount due to NEW LION KING ROOFING. Unpaid Fees and costs shall accrue interest at the statutory amount allowed by law, and Insured agrees to pay Fees, costs, interest, attorney fees and costs for collection and/or litigation including appeal, on amounts remaining unpaid longer than 30 days. The Insured understands that NEW LION KING ROOFING and all mortgagees will be named as additional named payees on all insurance checks for real property damages and the Insured agrees to be solely responsible to obtain all mortgagees’ endorsements of said checks, and that NEW LION KING KING ROOFING fees are due regardless of additional lienholders or additionally named payees. If the insurance carrier pays or commits in writing to pay to the insured the policy limits of the insurance policy under Insurance Code Article 6.13 or § 862.053 within 72 hours of the loss being reported to the insurer, the public estimator is entitled to reasonable compensation for the public estimator’s time and expenses provided to the insured before the claim was paid or the written commitment to pay was received.

General Description of Services: NEW LION KING ROOFING will examine all policies and possible causes of loss to verify coverage and substantiate the damage, including scoping, photographing, documenting, and otherwise measuring all portions of the entire loss. NEW LION KING ROOFING will provide estimates for the cost of repair or replacement of damaged property as an independent third-party estimator. NEW LION KING ROOFING will not engage in negotiations with the Insurer or accept any settlement offers on behalf of the insured. The insured retains the right to handle all negotiations with the Insurer.

NOTICE: A public estimator may not participate directly or indirectly in the reconstruction, repair, or restoration of damaged property that is the subject of an estimate prepared by the public estimator or engage in any other activities that may reasonably be construed as presenting a conflict of interest, including soliciting or accepting any remuneration from, or having a financial interest in, any salvage firm, repair firm, or other firm that obtains business in connection with any estimate the public estimator has prepared or has a contract or agreement to prepare.




IMPORTANT NOTICE: You may contact the Texas Department of Insurance to get information about public insurance estimator, your rights as a consumer, or information about how to file a complaint by calling 1-800-252- 3439: or you may write the Texas Department of Insurance at P. O. Box 149104, Austin, Texas 78714-9104 or contact the department via fax 512-490-1007.

ADVISO IMPORTANTE: Puede comunicarse con el Departamento de Seguros de Texas para obtener información acerca de los evaluadores públicos de seguros, sus derechos como consumidor o información sobre cómo presentar una queja llamando al 1-800-252-3439; o puede escribir al Departamento de Seguros de Texas, en P.O. Box 149104, Austin, Texas 78714-9104, o comunicarse con el departamento a través de fax al 512-490-1007.

Agreed and accepted this __________day of ____________________________ 20______ at o’clock, by:

______________________________________________           _______________________________________

Signature Insured, Policyholder, or Authorized Agent            Signature Public Insurance Estimator

_____________________________________________             _______________________________________

Insured Printed Name                                                             Public Insurance Estimator Name

_____________________________________________             _______________________________________

Insured Mailing Address                                                          Public Estimator’s License #

_____________________________________________             _______________________________________

City, State and Zip Code                                                         Public Estimator’s Business Mailing Address

_____________________________________________             _______________________________________ Phone                                                                                      Public Estimator’s Phone #      Fax #

_____________________________________________             _______________________________________

Email                                                                                       Public Estimator’s Email


Insurance Company __________________________________________________________________________


Policy # _____________________________________  Claim # ______________________________________


I have read and understand the above foregoing notices and conditions of this contract.


Signature of Insured: ____________________________________ Date: _______________________________


If this contract is negotiated by a Texas nonresident Public Insurance Estimator, the following Agent for Service of Process must be completed.

Agent for Service of Process: Each Texas Nonresident Public Insurance Estimator license holder shall maintain an agent for service of process in the State of Texas as required in Texas Insurance Code, § 4102.107

Name of Texas Agent for Service of Process:              _____________________________________________

Address of Texas Agent for Service of Process :           _____________________________________________


Public Estimator’s License [insert license number]

Welcome Checklist


New Lion King Roofing understands that customers need to be informed and comfortable with the claims process. The following checklist covers some of the key items in the process, this is not all inclusive, since every situation is dependent on multiple variables. PLEASE ASK QUESTIONS if you do not understand something in the process. Once you are satisfied initial each item as the Policy Owner.


PO     PE

_____ _____ 1. This is a Service Contract. You are being charged a fee for this service. You may cancel this

agreement within 72 hours for any reason.

_____ _____ 2. You do not have to enter into this contract to make a claim for loss or damage on your


_____ _____ 3. We represent the insured only.


_____ _____ 4. Our fee for service is 10% of the money’s recovered, this excludes your deductible, previous

estimates and payments received prior to hiring New Lion King Roofing. If additional services of an

engineer, architect, accountant, appraiser, etc. are required we will get your approval for

the cost, which you the consumer will bear, prior to engaging their services

_____ _____ 5. Before we can represent you in the claims process, we will need to secure your approval,

signature on a Letter of Representation and our New Lion King Roofing agreement.

_____ _____ 6. Once New Lion King Roofing files the Letter of Representation with your Insurance Carrier they may

call you to confirm that you hired a Public Estimator, please confirm this fact.

_____ _____ 7. Once New Lion King Roofing files the Letter of Representation with your Insurance Carrier they may

call you to confirm that you hired a Public Estimator, please confirm this fact.

_____ _____ 8. New Lion King Roofing will review your policy and all available documents, New Lion King Roofing

will photograph all known damage, develop an estimate of all known damage, submit the estimate

to your insurance Carrier and negotiate on your behalf a mutual agreed settlement.

_____ _____ 9. New Lion King Roofing will be conducting several inspections of the property with your insurance

Carrier both interior and exterior if needed, we will coordinate all inspections with your schedule.

_____ _____ 10. If during the repair process your contractor discovers additional damages, they need to document it

extensively with photographs and report it immediately to New Lion King Roofing prior to performing any repairs to the new damage.

_____ _____ 11. All checks will be made out to you, New Lion King Roofing and your mortgage company, if you

have one. Once the first check arrives at our office, New Lion King Roofing will endorse it and

present it to you, New Lion King Roofing

will provide you with a complete Invoice and will require a check for our fee for services at this time

_____ _____ 12. Once all the work is completed either you or your general contractor will collect all the invoices of

work completed and submit them to your Insurance Carrier in order to receive the appropriate

withheld depreciation. This generally must be completed by you within 180 – 365 days from the

DATE OF LOSS, please check your specific policy wording

_____ _____ 13. By signing below, I am confirming I have read and understand this checklist


Accepted by Policy Owner(s) on:     ____/ ________ / _____ By: ___________________________________         


New Lion King Roofing:                ____/ ________ / _____ By: ___________________________________                  


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