Music License Release

Music License Release

Date;   _______________________

Station:  ______________________

Production: _______________________

Dear Station; 

 In consideration of the license herein, You agree to pay a one-time license fee in an amount equal to ________________ , the receipt and sufficiency of which are hereby acknowledged, and as an inducement to your recording performances of the composition(s) and/or recordings described below (collectively herein, the “Composition(s)”). Such license fee shall be due and payable in full within ___ days following the execution of this Agreement. The right to use the Compositions pursuant to this Agreement shall not commence until such License Fee is paid in full.

I hereby grant to you a royalty-free, non-exclusive license to record and re-record performances of the Composition(s) and to synchronize the same in and in connection with one or more episodes of the Production, and in excerpts thereof and to make arrangements, orchestrations and adaptations of the Composition(s) for such purposes. Thereby further grant you the royalty-free, non-exclusive, irrevocable, perpetual, worldwide right and license to reproduce, distribute, broadcast, exhibit, and publicly perform the Composition(s) in the Production and in advertisements, promotions, and excerpts thereof in any and all media and by any and all means. 

The license granted herein shall be limited to the right to integrate the Compositions in the Production. You have no right to offer the Compositions for sale or otherwise distribute, publish, grant any sub-licensees, sell, rent, convey, offer for, download or otherwise exploit the Compositions.

I warrant and represent that I own and/or administer the copyright(s) in and to the Composition(s) and that I have the full right, power and authority to enter into this agreement and to grant the rights granted herein on my own behalf and on behalf of any affected composers, publishers, and/or other third parties. I further represent that your use of the Compositions as described in this agreement will not violate any rights of any third party and that you will not be required to make any additional payments or report individual uses of the Composition(s) (or the titles, 

Composers or publishers thereof) to me, to any performing rights society, or to any other third party. 

I agree to indemnify you, your parents, subsidiaries and affiliates, and your directors, officers, employees, licensees, agents consultants and representatives against and hold them harmless from, any liabilities, actions, claims (whether valid or invalid), demands, costs (including reasonable attorney fees), expenses, and damages based on the use of the Composition(s) pursuant to this agreement or based on the warranties and representations contained herein.

Song Title(s) Composer(s) Publisher(s)

AGREED AND ACCEPTED:                                     ____________________________


_________________________                                  _____________________________                         

Licensor Signature                                                    Phone Number

_________________________                                  ______________________________

Print Name                                                                Address

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