Petitioner                   §

             V                   § FOR

XXX, f/k/a XXX    §

      Respondent         § XXX COUNTY


Petitioner XXX  files this Motion to Modify Settlement Agreement pursuant to Iowa Code section 598.21C. and respectfully asks the Court to modify the settlement agreement for the purpose of changing his counselor. In support of this Motion, XXX states as follows:

  I am the Petitioner herein well versed with the facts of this case. On the ___ day of XXX,, I signed a settlement agreement with the Respondent. Clause 14.4 of the agreement stipulates as follows:

“Effective immediately, Patrick will begin seeing counselor, XXX  in Cherokee, Iowa. Patrick must continue his counseling as stipulated by XXX  and shall pay 100% of the fees for his counseling. XXXX counselor will work in conjunction with the children’s counselor, and at all other times deemed appropriate by the counselor(s), the children will join Patrick in his sessions with XXX. To help transition the children to the new visitation schedule herein, Patrick agrees to attend four (4) therapy sessions with the children’s therapist (and the children, if and to such extent as the children’s therapist recommends), and both Brenda and Patrick agree to follow the recommendations of the children’s therapists for these counseling sessions so as to encourage reunification between the children and Patrick.”

I would like to change my therapist and hire XXX  to work with XXX the child’s counselor. XXX is a licensed professional counselor based in Watertown South Dakota. I believe XXX  is better suited to do the job compared to XXX. She runs Rays of Hope Counseling, LLC, an institution that provides culturally competent individual, group, marriage and/or family counseling services to youths and adults. XXX will help me achieve reunification with my children. Change of Petitioner’s counselor will not prejudice the Respondent in any way.


WHEREFORE, Petitioner XXX requests that this Motion be granted and the Court amend the Settlement Agreement in accordance with the above-requested relief.


Respectfully Submitted

(Petitioner’s Signature)

(Petitioner’s Address)

(Petitioner’s Phone)

(Petitioner’s Email)




I hereby certify that a true and correct copy of the foregoing document was sent on the (Date) day of (Month) (Year) by regular U.S. mail, by facsimile, or certified mail, return receipt requested, to the following parties or attorneys of record:

(Name of Respondent’s Attorney), Attorney at Law

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