I am suing a woman name Kree Filer and a woman named  YYY Levington. 

Motion to File Amended Complaint and Add Two Defendants 


YYY is a licensed attorney and member of the Bar in the state of California. 

She is fraudulently representing me in a court hearing in Edelman Children’s in Los Angeles County California. I have asked her not to represent me but she does so anyway even though we have never signed a contract. 

She states that a judge appointed her to be my attorney but I don’t believe this is legal because people have the fundamental right to represent themselves. 

I don’t want her using my name or likeness or making decisions on my behalf. She is misappropriating me and is helping to commit fraud. 

Kree Filer was appointed by the judge in the case in order to silence my voice. 

She is controlled opposition. 

She intentionally does not do legal research, present case arguments or present my evidence as a defense attorney. 

She does this in order to essentially alter the court record and prevent me from being able to present a defense as I am legally entitled to do. 

By acting as my representative, she goes into court and lets the other side win by not putting forth a good “faith” effort to prevail.

Cause of Action. – Fraudulent Misrepresentation 

Causation – She is playing her role in a conspiracy to disparage my character so the state can take control over my children and private affairs. 

By helping to omit relevant evidence from the court record, she is deny me due process and concealing evidence. 

Damage – Her malicious actions have caused my to suffer emotional distress from being separated from my children and has cost me hours in legal work, and legal fees. She has also caused my children to suffer emotional damage because they miss their mom and want to spend time with me, especially on special occasions. 

Kree Flier serves as a glorified process server for the other side and communicates with me paperwork from the other side when I have asked her not to contact me. 

Also  she will not serve my papers to the other side. This demonstrates where her allegiance lies. 

I also do not pay Kree so she is accepting money from someone on my behalf and works for whoever pays her. She is filing false claims in order to accept this money. I believe she is being bribed in a way because she is taking money to be unethical. 

The other issue is this. 

 YYY Levington is a licensed social worker in the state of California. 

 YYY Levington is rewearing hearsay about me. She signed her name on a report and has not witnessed or her no personal knowledge of any of the contents in that report. 

There are several errors and omissions in her report and she has made no effort to correct or update the false information. 

She is fraudulently misrepresenting me in order to obtain custody over my children and interfere with my right to privacy.

I have never signed a contract with  YYY and have received no services from her. 

She has intentionally caused emotional distress in my life by going along with a conspiracy to commit Honest Services Fraud, a scheme whereby child welfare services takes custody of children under the guise of welfare, when in actuality the children are not in danger at all, they institution just want to  gain control. 

She said my children were harmed when they were not harmed. 

She claimed I harmed my children by telling a story and committing important facts that provide context. 

She intentionally left out certain details in order to mislead the court. 

She is willfully blind to all evidence that does not suit her narrative. 

She has harmed my family by her outrageous conduct and reckless disregard for the law. She also shows a lack of care and concern for others. 

 YYY gets kickbacks for every child she can add to her caseload and doesn’t care about the children at all. 

In her person, I want to sue them, not just in their official capacities. 

I want a restraining order against both of these individuals as well.