We are looking for a lawyer to type up a motion for dismissal on a lawsuit against our trucking company. Attached you will find the policy that state if I cancel I owe 0$. Also the cancellation policy says I can cancel. We purchased two new trucks March 26, 2021 and asked the Insurance company for quotes for the new vehicles. We didn’t want to accept any coverage due to not knowing the amount of the money we would have to pay for the coverage. The insurance agent stated she would give us the COI to get the tags for the vehicles. We stated that was fine but we needed to know the monthly price for all vehicles covered. The agent finally gave us the numbers April 21st of 2021 and we stated we wanted to cancel the policy and we mailed a letter off cancelling the policy the same week. The attachments will show a email stating we want to cancel. I would like a motion filed I can go get the affidavit sign due to the facts stated above.
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