This Mentoring Agreement is made between Insert Your Full Name (the “Mentor”), and Insert Mentee’s Name (the “Mentee”), and will last for 30 days. 

The Mentee’s objectives shall include the following:

  • To develop a leadership career pathway to prepare for future leadership positions;
  • Learn the basics of group roles, dynamics, and decision-making in order to function constructively in group settings;
  • To gain a greater awareness of opportunities and activities that can broaden his/her educational experience;
  • To learn how to communicate effectively in networking situations;
  • To gain a better understanding of best-practice leadership experiences;
  • To gain a better understanding about how to play an effective role in influencing decisions;
  • To further develop decision making skills;
  • To enhance interpersonal skills;
  • To learn self-motivation, self-discipline, and goal setting techniques;
  • To gain a better understanding of gender and cultural influences on leadership;
  • To explore personal identity as a leader; and
  • To develop a sense of one’s strengths and weaknesses as a leader.

The Mentor shall assist the Mentee in achieving the foregoing objectives in the following ways:

  • Assess Mentee’s current level of expertise and make a recommendation on career path development;
  • Assign Mentee reading materials specific to objectives;
  • Provide guidance and support by creating an atmosphere of openness where meaningful communication and trust can exist;
  • Assist mentee in identifying academic goals and objectives;
  • Assign Mentee specific tasks/assignments aimed to develop Mentee’s leadership skills;
  • Mentor will invite mentee to attend a board or committee meeting; and
  • Mentor will invite mentee to attend a community activity together.

The Mentee shall be required to do the following:

  • Provide Mentor with current resume and educational goals;
  • Read material assigned by Mentor within established time frames; and
  • Complete tasks/assignments within established time frames.

The Mentee’s learning outcomes shall be measured by demonstrated knowledge in all of the aforementioned objectives.

The Parties shall agree to a meeting schedule and other ways of communication. Everything discussed in the agreement will be confidential unless otherwise specified at the time of the discussion. This mentoring agreement sets forth the objectives that the Mentor and Mentee commit to working on together. Both agree to follow the guidelines of this agreement for the period specified and to make a good faith effort to resolve any issues that may arise between them.

Insert Your Name (the “Mentor”)

Signature: ______________________________ Date:

Insert Mentee’s Name (the “Mentee”)

Signature: ______________________________ Date:

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