Memorandum of Understanding

December 13, 2023

May 29 th , 2022
This Memorandum of Understanding intends to establish an agreement between Future
Forward, Five Star Education Foundation, and Access Housing. As outlined below, Five
Star Education Foundation will fund code-compliant “tiny houses” as part of the Future
Forward curriculum for the 2022-2023 school years. The district will purchase the kits,
and the students complete the work. Access Housing will then be handed the title and
will provide the permits and licenses to provide housing to young adults in Adams
County (with priority to A12 students to use and finish high school).
● For the school years 2022-2023, Future Forward will produce 1 code compliant
“tiny house” each year, handed over to Access Housing.
● These Tiny Houses will be permitted and inspected by the Adams County
Building Department to be placed within the Adams County for future use.
● As demonstrated in the proof-of-concept year, 2021-2022, Five Star Education
Foundation will work with industry partners to procure donations of materials.
These donations and relationships will be mutually beneficial as these industry
partnerships increase the effectiveness of the Future Forward program and help
lower the cost per unit for Five Star Education Foundation.
● Five Star Education Foundation will reimburse Adams County and Future
Forward for all expenses incurred throughout the construction.
● Five Star Education Foundation will look for partners to build the additional five
tiny houses but are not liable for the other five tiny houses.
● If the tiny houses cannot be used and are sold, after Access Housing recoups
costs, the proceeds go back to the Five Star Education Foundation to assist the
construction program.
● Future Forward is solely responsible and carries all liability for any injury incurred
during the construction of the tiny houses.

● Future Forward, Five Star Education Foundation, and its construction partners
will coordinate the delivery of these units from Access Housing to their
destination in Adams County by May 15 of each year.
● After the 2022-2023 school year, all parties will review this agreement, and if a
need for additional tiny houses exists, Access Housing will have an opportunity to
extend this agreement.
The items noted above are satisfactory and hereby meet the expectations of all parties.
By: ___________________________
Its: ___________________________
Signature: ______________________
By: ____________________________
Its: ____________________________
Signature: _______________________
By: _____________________________
Its: _____________________________
Signature: ________________________

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