TO: all staff

FROM: Head of departments mr. …

SUBJECT: maintenance of company’s equipment

Due to the high cases of poor maintenance of office machines and other equipment, I would like to inform you of your role in reinstating the resources in our company. As you are aware, machines like printers and computers consume a significant amount of our expenditure. Besides, much time is consumed in repairs and replacement. Some of the company’s most critical rules include managing resources effectively, and using time minimally to derive maximum benefits.

Caution against mishandling office property: I hereby remind you of the repercussions enforced against employees who mishandle office equipment. This does not serve as a warning but as a reminder to use and handle machines appropriately to avoid the consequences. First, for every intentional damage, costs will be directly deducted from your salary in accordance with the price of the lost item. However, we make exceptions for the first damage as we consider it as an accident. Continuous loss and damage of resources might lead to termination or suspension.

 Together with my team, we have devised critical safety and maintenance tips that will guide you on using resources provided here effectively. Effective today, the following maintenance tips will apply to all employees despite of the rank:

  1. Ensure that you place your assigned machine properly to avoid dropping them or blocking your colleagues’ ways.
  2. Ensure that you wipe off dust the computers and the printers every morning. Most of our equipment are prone to dirt and dust and may block derailing functionality. Moreover, the heat regulating fans easily trap pollen and other materials.
  3. Keep food and drinks away from the office to avoid spilling tem on the equipment.
  4. Ensure proper ventilation in the office to avoid over heating the machine.
  5. Most importantly, report any computer malfunction to Bart.

If you need my assistance in implementing any tip, please contact me.

Employee’s signature supervisor’s signature


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