McNally Construction,

August 14, 2021

Ms. Martin
409 Seneca Rd
Shelbyville, KY 40065.

McNally Construction, LLC DBA is pleased to submit this proposal to provide construction services at the home located 409 Seneca Rd Shelbyville, KY 40065.

  • Demo and disposal of existing deck
  • Structural reconstruction of existing deck footprint
  • Addition of 10×20 wrap around deck with a 7” drop in elevation
  • 1 set of 6’ wide steps at sidewalk
  • 1 set of 4’ wide steps at the right rear corner (see drawing)
  • Material will be 6×6 posts, 2×10 joists, 2×6 top-handrail, deck boards
  • All surface side material will be secured with deck screws
  • Deck roof is not included in this estimate, and is forthcoming – this estimate is for the deck only


$17,500 Estimated   

Estimated start between Aug. 27th – September 3rd weather permitting
Estimated time to complete, 4-5 days


Services performed are subject to the General Terms & Conditions (contained herein). To authorize proceeding with the services described within this proposal and make this a contract between McNally Construction, LLC (DBA and Ms. Martin, please complete and sign below.

Please return (1) one signed copy of this document to us. Thank you and we look forward to working with you.


James L. McNally

McNally Construction, LLC

This document agreed upon this day of ____________, 2021

by: ____________________________________________________________________
           (Print Name)




Services performed are subject to the General Terms & Conditions as follows:

Payment Terms

  1. Before the project begins, the Client shall make a deposit. The reminder of the payment shall be made progressively by the client as the project progresses.
  2. All estimates and quotes shall be ready at least 7 days from the date of the signing of this agreement.
  3. The retainer fee is separate from the agreement and is not refundable.
  4. The sum of $ _____________ is hereby acknowledged as received for the retainer fee.
  5. The sum of $ ____________ is hereby acknowledged as received for deposit.

Additional Terms of This Agreement

Should our Company be authorized to complete all or a substantial portion of the proposed project(s) at meeting 3, the RETAINER FEE for preparing preliminary plans, specifications and cost estimate shall be credited in full against the final cost of the project. There will be no credit for the retainer fee if the project is not accepted at meeting 3.

It is also agreed that all plans and specifications shall be for the exclusive use of; and will remain the property of [NAME OF COMPANY] until a Construction Contract agreement for the proposed work is reached between both parties. No plans will be given to you during the design process. You are welcome to view all plans at the contractor’s office at a mutually agreeable time.

No warranties shall be made on existing structures when performing maintenance services. Our Company is not responsible for any preexisting conditions. In the event where there are preexisting conditions, the client shall inform us or we shall inform you of any preexisting condition before any work begins. We are only responsible for the work done under the agreement made between you and us.

SMD works for the owners and not subject to any thirds parties.

All changes in orders shall be agreed upon and made in writing. In the event where changes cannot be made in writing, the conditions of the changes shall be made verbally and will form part of this agreement. Any additional charge shall be communicated and a consensus reached between the parties.

Note: Should the scope or budget of the project change during the design phase, an addendum shall be written on the space provided below for the clients’ authorization, reflecting the changes and any additional costs that may or may not affect the original design and/or project budget.

In the event of any dispute, the parties agree to opt for mediation.

This agreement has been made, interpreted and construed in accordance with the laws of __________


_______________________________ ____________________________


SIGNATURE: _________________________________________

DATE: ______________________________________________


SIGNATURE: ________________________________________

DATE: __________________________________________

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