Marketing for People Monthly Services Agreement


Billing period is one calendar month.

Clients will be billed based on actual services utilised in the previous billing period.

Examples of typical hourly rates based on the type of service used:

Tier 1 – £9 an hour – Junior Designer / Administrator

  • Basic graphic design and video editing
  • Basic website changes (small edits)
  • Website admin (eCommerce)

Tier 2 – £20 an hour – Marketing Assistant / Developer / Copywriter

  • Copywriting
  • Email marketing
  • Basic automation
  • Advanced website changes (new pages/designs)

Tier 3 – £35 an hour – Marketing Manager

  • Facebook Ads, Google Ads
  • Search optimisation
  • Advanced automation
  • Strategy
  • Project management
  • Meetings/calls

This list is non-exhausted and will be subject to change.

Everything ex VAT.

During the course of providing the service, it may be necessary to act as an agent to purchase third-party services or software on behalf of the client.

Services can be subcontracted to others.

Minimum amount billable each month is £35.


In the event of a dispute, the maximum amount that can be refunded is the invoice for the most recent billing period.

In the first instance, we have the opportunity to rectify the issue before a refund can be requested.

The client has 5 working days after the rectification of the issue to accept or reject it. If it is rejected, a refund can be issued for part or all of the invoice.

Disputes must be raised within 10 working days of receiving an invoice for the previous billing period. If no dispute is raised beyond this period, it is acknowledged that the client has accepted the service and waives the right to request a refund.


In the event of a bug or error, it is important to email as soon as possible. Where the bug or error is a fault with work that has been completed by us, and it is still within 14 days of the last invoice, a remedy will be taken at no cost within a reasonable timeframe. Priority will be given to critical or business sensitive (e.g. website offline).

Bugs/errors arising from a fault caused by the client will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis, and will be agreed in advance of billable work taking place.

Where third-party software has been used (e.g. WordPress plugins) it is the responsibility of the software owner to provide support to remedy bugs and errors. There may be an additional cost to fix the issue, however, in most occasions support is covered in the software license. The time, and cost, to remedy an issue is the responsibility of the third-party software provider.


This contract can be terminated for any reason if at least one billing period notice is given. If any services fall into the following billing period, that period will still be billed.

Notice to terminate the contract must be sent by email to

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