Manufacturers Warranty Terms and Conditionsfor Australia

XXX *Manufacturer’s Warranty Terms and Conditions for Australia

Version: 1.1, Updated 15.02.2021

Applicable products

This *Manufacturer’s Warranty only applies to the following products, which are distributed and installed in Australia.

*Manufacturer’s warranty is a basic warranty promise from XXX to the end users. In some countries/states, end users may receive an additional warranty promise (should be at least equivalent to the manufacturer’s warranty) which is provided by XXX’s local distributor; should any claims arise in this respect, please direct them to the local distributor. Please note this XXX limited warranty statement may NOT be the latest version, please refer to the latest version of the XXX limited warranty by visiting our global website via

Warranty Period

The standard manufacturer’s warranty period for applicable XXX inverters is 60 months (5 years) for Battery/Hybrid Inverters and 120 months (10 years) for Solar Inverters from the date of purchase (see above list). End user needs to provide the valid purchasing invoice to verify the date of purchase.

If our end customer fails to provide the valid purchasing invoice, the standard warranty period for XXX inverters is 66 months (5.5 years) for Battery/Hybrid Inverters, and 126 months (10.5 years) for Solar Inverters from the date of production (defined in the Serial number of the product) from Shenzhen XXX Co., Ltd.

Warranty Conditions

In the event that an inverter becomes flawed before XXX warranty period expires, it will either be:

•      Repaired by XXX, or

•      Repaired on location, or

•      Exchanged with a revamped inverter that is full updated.

In the event that the inverter should be replaced, the rest of the warranty period will be moved to the revamped inverter, in that the guarantee time of the first inverter will continue. In such an occasion, the end client will not be eligible for a new warranty card, and XXX will register this revamped inverter. In the event that the leftover guarantee period is under a half year, the end client will consequently get a 6-month guarantee period for the revamped inverter.

The warranty incorporates the expenses of labor and material important to reclaim a working inverter. Any remaining expenses, especially transports, travel and convenience cost of XXX employees just as expenses of end client staff are excluded from the warranty. Except if an uncommon/extraordinary understanding exists among XXX and the client, the XXX standard warranty takes care of just the expense of equipment material needed to get the gadget working once more. Shipping costs won’t be covered.

In certain places or business cases, to thank the claimant for bringing the gadget to XXX offices to be fixed, XXX may deem it fit to choose to offer a refund up to AUD 150+GST to the claimant or nearby installer/circuit tester to cover the on-site labor under the following conditions:

1.     Only the party who has carried out on-site service for the allegedly defective gadget will be eligible for the refund.

2.     The purportedly damaged item has been taken back to XXX and considered to have workmanship or material imperfections after testing and assessment by XXX.

3.     The claimant has to contact XXX before visiting the site visit for approval. In the event that the site is in a very distant area or if the installer is unable to access the site, XXX suggests the inquirer locate a local electrician to complete the on-site repair.

4.     The claimant must claim the refund within 2 months of the date whereupon the on-site repair is approved by XXX.

Any remaining expenses including yet not restricted to pay from immediate or circuitous harms as a result of the defective gadget or different offices of the PV framework, or loss of electricity created during the device downtime are NOT covered by the XXX limited warranty.

XXX reserves the right to amend the warranty service for end clients and to engage third parties in the performance of warranty services.

Scope of the Manufacturer Warranty

To provide excellent Service to XXX’s end users, all XXX authorized Dealers or Distributors are requested to respond to the warranty claim. XXX will replace any products or parts of the product within the Warranty Period proved to be defective in design or manufacture. Any defect caused by the following situations will not be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty (the Dealers or Distributors are responsible and authorized by XXX for the following investigation):

  1. Disassembly, repair or modifications performed by a third-party company/person not authorized by XXX, or serial number or seals have been removed. Product modifications, design changes or part replacements not approved by XXX.
  2. End user or installer have failed to comply with the safety regulations (IE, VDE standards or equivalent)
  3. The product has been improperly stored and damaged while being stored by the dealer or the end user
  4. The defect is damage during transportation (including painting scratch caused by movement inside packaging during shipping). A claim for such transport damage should be made directly to the shipping company/insurance company as soon as the container/packaging is unloaded and such damage is identified
  5. The product has been used and installed by unauthorised installer and failed to follow any/all of the user manual, the installation guide and maintenance regulations supplied with the product.
  6. Faults, damage or defects have been caused by unforeseen circumstances, man-made factors or examples of force majeure including but not limited to violent or stormy weather, lightning, flooding, overvoltage, pests, fire or other acts of nature.
  7. For the products equipped with the SPD module, when the lightening is beyond the SPD’s protection range, it won’t be able to protect the inverter and the XXX limited warranty does NOT cover the inverter or accessory damage caused by such lightening.
  8. The damage is only cosmetic and has no impact on the functioning of the device
  9. Any rust that appears on the device’s enclosure caused by harsh environmental conditions.

Faults or damage caused by exposure to sea coasts/saltwater or other aggressive

atmospheres or environmental conditions without XXX’s written confirmation/approval prior to the installation.

  1. Combining XXX’s storage product with a lead acid battery pack or any other lithium battery pack that are not listed on our battery compatibility list. Please refer to the link below for a detailed list of compatible battery packs. xxxxxxx

This warranty is without prejudice to your rights under the statutory law, including but not limited to warranty rights in relation to the seller, i.e. if applicable rectification, reduction of the price, rescission of the sale and damages.

All demands from or in connection with this warranty are subject to xxx law, is the exclusive place of jurisdiction and all disputes arising from or in connection with this warranty should be submitted for arbitration to the xxx. This warranty is provided in addition to other rights and remedies held by a consumer at law.

Procedure for Claiming a Warranty

In the case of a faulty inverter within the agreed manufacturer warranty period, please report the defective inverter with a brief error description to XXXX service hotline for registering and send the warranty card to XXXX service department by fax/email to process the warranty claim. End customer may also contact the dealer (XXXX authorized dealer or distributor) or installer if the unit is defective or faulty.
To make a claim under the warranty periods of XXXX , end customer needs to provide the following information and documentation of the faulty inverter:
1) Product Model
2) Product serial number
3) A copy of the valid purchasing invoice
4) Warranty card of the inverter
5) Error messages on the LCD screen (if available)
6) Additional information about the fault/error
7) Detailed information about the entire system (module, PV system diagram, etc.)
8) Documentation of previous claims/exchanges (if applicable)

Warranty may not be guaranteed if the above information is not provided.

Limitation of XXX Liability

This limited warranty replaces any different xxx warranties and liabilities, whether oral, in writing, (non-obligatory) statutory, contractual, in tort or otherwise, consisting of, with out quandary, and where permitted by using relevant law, any implied conditions, warranties or different phrases as regards exemplary quality or fitness for purpose. However, this restrained guarantee shall neither exclude nor limit any of your legal (statutory) rights provided under the relevant national laws and regulations. To the extent authorized by applicable regulation(s), xxx does no longer anticipate any liability for any loss of, harm to or corruption of statistics, for any lack of profit, loss of use of products or capability, loss of enterprise, loss of contracts, loss of sales or loss of anticipated savings, multiplied expenses or costs or for any oblique loss or damage, consequential loss or damage or special loss or harm, or punitive loss or harm. To the extent accredited by applicable law, xxx’s liability shall be limited to the acquisition cost of the product. The above limitations shall no longer be applicable in case of gross negligence or intentional misconduct of xxx or in case of death or non-public injury as a result of xxx’s demonstrated negligence. With the exception of a special contract between xxx and the battery producer, for all the battery packs NOT indexed in our ‘APPROVED BATTERY OPTIONS STATEMENT’, however which have undergone the compatibility test with the xxx inverter, it’s the obligation of installer/gadget integrator to check the battery protection in addition to gadget overall performance and reliability. Xxx shall guarantee the overall performance of the inverter below the everyday running conditions in the general assurance term and provide confined technical help if applicable. In any case, xxx shall assume no liability for gadget malfunctions and any incurred loss or damages whatsoever.

Extension of the Warranty Period

For XXX inverters end customer may apply for a warranty extension within 60 months from the date of production from XXX by providing the serial number and copy of the warranty card of the unit. Refer to the XXX price list for further information. The standard Two years XXX manufacturer’s warranty is applicable to XXX accessories only and is not available for extension. XXX may reject any application received which does not meet the date requirement. Extended

warranty period can be purchased to 10, 15, 20 or 25 years. Refer to the Warranty Extension Order Form for more information.

Once the purchase of the warranty extension has been processed, XXX will send the warranty extension certificate to the customer confirming the extended warranty period.

Any defects that occur after the expiry of the warranty period, or which occur within the warranty period but which are listed in the warranty exceptions above, are known by XXX as out-of-warranty cases. For all out-of-warranty cases, XXX may charge an on-site service fee, a parts fee, labor costs and a logistics fee to customer, including any/all of:

  1. On-site service fee: cost of travel and time for the technician to deliver on-site service and labor cost for the technician, who is repairing, performing maintenance on, installing (hardware or software) and debugging the faulty product.
  2. Parts/materials fee: cost of replacement parts/materials (including any shipping/admin fee that may apply).
  3. Logistics fee: cost of delivery and any other expenses incurred when defective products are sent from the user to XXX or/and repaired products are sent from XXX to the user.

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