This document is an Addendum and is part of the Rental Lease Agreement, dated _____________________ between ________________________ (Landlord), and _____________________________ (Resident) for the premises located at _____________________ (Street Address) Unit # (if applicable) ___________________ CA, _______________________

  1. ___________________________ (“Guest”) may temporarily occupy the premises as the Guest of the Resident.
  2. Guest Identification (copy to be made for Resident’s file)
Photo ID Type Number Issuing Government Expiration Date
  • Guest is not a tenant and has no right of tenancy or possession in the Premises or under the Rental/Lease Agreement. Unless otherwise specified, the Guest is prohibited from using common area amenities such as a fitness center or pool, community room, laundry facilities, etc., unless accompanied by Resident or Occupant.
  1. Guest will not be required to pay rent or any amount purported to be rent. The Resident shall make rent payments promptly to the landlord.
  2. The Guest is not a tenant on the above-mentioned property, and as such, s/he is a “guest on a day to day basis’.
  3. The Resident and Guest agree that should any disputes arise concerning this addendum’s provisions, will be solved through the negotiation process between the two parties.
  4. The Resident and Guest agree that this is the entire agreement between them and its binding. Any modification of this agreement shall be in writing signed by both parties.

Signed by 

_________________________                      _______________________

(Guest)                                                                        (Resident)

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